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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? --> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug)

  • KaiRo still needs to remind gavin periodically to review bug 407725.

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 2

Bug Queries

open blockers all blockers blocker requests

  • Freeze target is supposedly still TODAY, can we make it?
    • Thunderbird code-freeze might be delayed till end of this week, but it could be sooner.
    • SeaMonkey will go into freeze with needing blocker status or patch approval today (2008-11-18) PST for suite/.
    • If Thunderbird folks decide a freeze for this week in their meeting today (KaiRo will dial into that) then we'll stay with tonight midnight PST as freeze, otherwise, we'll push the freeze to whatever date they decide on.
    • BREAKING NEWS: SeaMonkey 2.0a2 code freeze on Tuesday, 25th November. As the Thunderbird team have decided to push their freeze out to 25th Nov, we'll do the same and freeze our code for Alpha 2 on NEXT Tuesday, 25th November, midnight PST.
  • Do we have enough new stuff to warrant another alpha?
    • bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) is go.
    • bug 255834 (port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader) is go.
  • We need alpha blocker triage done!
    • I just did some triage in a few bugs, I'm not officially council so someone will still need to go through and read my comments and either choose to agree or not on those requests --Justin Wood (Callek) 00:29, 18 November 2008 (UTC)
      • Note to the receptionist for this meeting, remove my comments on blockers from this section, no need for it to be in ending notes; Just entered here incase I'm not around for this part of meeting --Justin Wood (Callek) 00:29, 18 November 2008 (UTC)
    • bug 460952 Ensure Thunderbird kill-rdf doesn't break SeaMonkey.
      • As it appears that nothing more from the kill-rdf branch will land for Thunderbird Beta1, we can push this out.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

open wanted wanted requests

Major wanted/needed features:

  • bug 381157 Download manager.
    • Has progress, no new patch yet. Basic functionality *will* make next release.
  • bug 390025 Kill-wallet (password manager).
    • status/progress?
  • bug 382187 Places history.
    • did some updating of the code after first review comments from Neil, more to come.
  • bug 345526 Reimplement FAYT.
    • NeilAway is making progress on this and has two alternate approaches to a fix.
  • bug 36810 Session restore.
    • waiting for review.
  • bug 394288 / bug 413385 Toolbar customization.
    • bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) landed. I had to fix a couple of regressions and a couple of followup enhancement bugs were filed. I'll work on bug 394288 (Customizable Toolbars in Navigator) post Alpha2. bug 413385 (Customizable Toolbars in SeaMonkey MailNews) shoud be next after that. --Ratty.
    • Toolkit bug 407725 is still waiting for reviews from gavin.
      • "hopefully I can finish it this week?" -- gavin
  • bug 456757 Modern theme update.
    • Kuden has just sent me an update. mozapps has been completed. There is a complete theme jar file see comment #1 in the bug --Ratty.
  • bug 460699 Make the default theme look better on mac.
    • stefanh says he won't have any patch ready before we're closer to beta.
  • bug 454847 Fishcam update.
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch. helpwanted.
  • bug 453797 SeaMonkey installer improvements..
    • just requsted review on Sunday, review might take a bit.
  • Handling bug 420506 Thunderbird kill-rdf.
    • bug 460952 Ensure Thunderbird kill-rdf doesn't break SeaMonkey.
      • Waiting for comments from Neil. helpwanted.
    • bug 460953 Port jminta's kill-rdf to SeaMonkey where applicable.
      • status/progress: helpwanted.
  • bug 255834 Port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader. Done -- Thank to IanN.
  • bug 415372 Implement Feed Preview.
    • And then bug 465258 Connect Feed Discovery with MailNews feed subscribe.
  • bug 460960 Port Thunderbird tabbed interface to MailNews.
    • This is a requisite for bug 313822 (Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey)


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




  • Ongoing progress on DLMGR
  • Threw together a quick (hacky) solution to tying our feed discovery into the newly landed MailNews feed reader. bug 465258 (Will be backed out when feed preview is done)


  • Working on various RSS related bugs / patches.
  • Usual reviewing of patches, etc.


  • Removed the last pieces of old typeaheadfind and tested new implementations
  • With this major blocker out the way, investigated doing static builds for releases again
  • Worked on display of originating website for feed posts
  • Prepared and released SeaMonkey 1.1.13
  • Optimized default theme PNGs, saving 7% space in classic.jar
  • Some build system sync work
  • Upgraded our buildbots to a newer buildbot version
  • Requested new hardware for future branching, see bug 464325
  • Some more work on places history UI
  • Added European Portuguese and Georgian to trunk locales
  • Checked in Vlado's removals of unused L10n strings in suite/
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work.


  • Finished testing installer patch, requested review (see longer-term planning above for bug #)


  • bug 36810 (session restore).
  • bug 459550 (Port Bug 448976 (turn the Session Restore prompt into an error page) to SeaMonkey).
  • bug 425480 (non-ASCII characters should be decoded in the urlbar).
  • bug 455877 (port Bug 254714 to SeaMonkey).
  • bug 463504 (New cert error page)
  • Bug reporting and bug triage.


  • some few :( reviews
  • started planning fix for bug 460960 (tabs in MailNews)




  • Fixed a couple of regressions due to bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) landing. Tracked response to this new feature. Developers unhappy with the way the context menu was implemented. End users/testers in Mozillazine were initially confused but generally appreciative and looking forward to full toolbar customization.
  • bug 465073 (duplicate id in navigator.xul: reporterItemsBroadcaster): I have patch that should stop the orange in the SeaMonkey tree.
  • Track user issues on and in the MozillaZine forums.
  • Drive Modern Theme update.


  • Fixed SeaMonkey bugs:
    • bug 93902 about:bloat, about:bloat?new are broken ["Cv1" followup]
  • Ran Automated and (some) Litmus tests (1st time) with 2 Callek's DLMGR patches: not perfect time (due to Core tree regression) nor perfect result (failing browser_nsIDownloadManagerUI.js), but still very encouraging.
  • And working on other areas...




obsolete strings cleanup done:

  • 370 obsolete strings removed from suite/ (bug 463886)
  • with 127 obsolete strings removed from editor/ (bug 463869; done by sipaq) SeaMonkey localizers now need to translate 500 strings less than before

Any other business?

  • Will we branch early (at about same time as Firefox/m-c) or just let our trunk follow their branch. Or will we skip 1.9.1 and wait for 1.9.2? Probably best to NG-this and postpone decision making for next meeting. --Justin Wood (Callek) 17:52, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
    • We are in agreement with the Thunderbird team that we will follow the 1.9.1 branch for our releases, but we should not branch comm-central as long as we are fully focused on 1.9.1-based releases.
    • The current plan is to have the comm-central "trunk" follow the 1.9.1 branch for now and then later branch comm-central for our 1.9.1 releases. Once we do this we move from the 1.9.1 branch to the mozilla-central "trunk" for the main comm-central repository. SeaMonkey 2.0, Thunderbird 3.0, and Sunbird 1.0 will come from the branched comm-central repository.
  • Security and stability updates for the Gecko 1.8.1 branch.
    • We probably need to work with Camino, and Linux distro's to find someone to upkeep the 1.8.1 branch due to Firefox dropping support for that branch soon. Thunderbird will likely still be supported, but having additional help outside of our small teams will be a MAJOR plus. --Justin Wood (Callek) 17:52, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
    • According to a Novell forum posting Novell and RedHat will jointly backport security and stability fixes to 1.8.1. However it's unclear if they are going to be actively pushing their backports upstream. We should (in the NGs) explore a mechanism e.g. a drivers181 mailing list to coordinate driving their backports into the mozilla cvs tree. They might even be persuaded to use the mozilla cvs tree as their primary patch point and then pull updates down to their local repositories. --Ratty
    • according to asac (Ubuntu) the linux distros intend to follow the 1.8.0 plan of pushing updates to mozilla CVS. The vision is to do the approval and landing right when they happen on the other branches instead of the current practice of "distros backport patches when branches freeze for QA".
    • <asac> One thing we should definitely fight for is to keep the 1.8.1 tinderboxes going. The 1.8.0 tinderboxes were dumped at some point ... which didn't really help committing stuff in a decent fashion.