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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • Get permission from Google to use their geolocation JSON service [KaiRo]. Contact at Google says: "We don't have a good estimate for when GLS will be opening up more broadly, but I will be sure to let you know when we take that step. Sorry that I can not be more specific at this time." - We can only wait right now.
    • KaiRo found out that the contact at Google changed. Also, discussing a possible open Geolocation service.


SeaMonkey 2.0 Feedback

Only unresolved items are tracked here - and we should find a way to deal with it for every item talked about in this section!

  • Anything new?

SeaMonkey 2.0.3

fixed (113)

  • Released February 17, based on Gecko
  • 23 security bugs in addition to 113 other fixes.
  • Thunderbird 3.0.2 with similar code base planned for release February 25.

SeaMonkey 2.0.4

open blockers (2) blocker requests (2) fixed (11)

  • Based on Gecko, release schedule TBD

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for last two (full) weeks: 50 new, 25 fixed, 15 triaged.

  • Fixed number starts to rise, triage is very much lacking right now. :(

Major wanted/needed features:


  • bug 423281 Help updates.
    • InvisibleSmiley has been working on updating help.
    • bug 463903 (form autocomplete documentation).
    • FAQ to cover e.g. double-click / down arrow in form fields?
      • status/progress?
  • bug 483282 Make sure normal SeaMonkey use doesn't pay a price for having venkman installed [Mnyromyr].
    • Needs at least a core patch landing for bug 364864 nsICategoryManager::deleteCategoryEntry does not persist outside of component registration.
    • No progress to report.
  • bug 471346 Port GetDefaultFeedReader to SeaMonkey shell service [mcsmurf].
    • New patch is up for review.


  • bug 460953 kill-rdf port [sgautherie].
    • Postponed until mcsmurf (or sgautherie) can resume work on it.
    • No progress.
  • bug 436794 Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI.
    • SM UI needed, unowned, helpwanted.
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch. helpwanted.
    • We need to check if OpenSearch can support all our existing functionality, for example the INTEPRETS section in Sherlock search plugins. Mnyromyr will check on that, and on how extensible the Firefox code is.
  • bug 449728 Drag tabs between windows.
    • Jeffrey Lee, a Seneca student, is looking into that!
  • bug 498596 Places bookmarks.
    • KaiRo has started looking into that and already filed a toolkit bug to get import/export module into toolkit. Trying to port some parts of UI in the mean time, slow progress.
  • bug 480734 Satchel data editor ("Form Manager").
    • unowned so far.
  • bug 477845 Build a standalone (Gecko 1.9.3) Composer.
    • kaze will look into that once KompoZer 0.8 is done.
    • bug 477840 Backport KompoZer to Composer (Depends on bug 477845).
    • kaze has done a ton of work there. We're trying to work out some organizational issues at the moment.
  • bug 523274 Complete new default theme icon set.
    • A list of TODO icons is up in the bug.
    • Still needs quite a bit of work.
    • bug 522023 is working on improving the browser globe in task icons, etc..
  • bug 526210 Update the icon set for the SeaMonkey Modern Theme.
    • unowned so far.
  • bug 521927 Make Search, Folder Location and Views widgets for MailNews customizable toolbars.
    • status/progress?
  • bug 545110 Add/port about:support (Troubleshooting Information page) to SeaMonkey
    • Depends on bug 518607 Move the Troubleshooting Information page into toolkit so other apps like Thunderbird and SeaMonkey can use it.

We also should take a look at the other items on wanted-seamonkey2.1+

  • The Decision was made to drop 1.9.2 and go for 1.9.3 as a base.
    • This creates some problems with staying behind Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3.1 for a bit, but it puts us right at the front when comes.
    • We need to find a solution for Lightning, which is targeting Thunderbird 3.1 now.
    • We can now remove all branch ifdefs from suite/ trunk code.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).






Bugs fixed:

  • bug 533330 JSON-RPC webservice returns and expects a bad date format (Bugzilla).

Working on:

  • bug 545299 XML-RPC WebService should take and return dates and times in UTC (Bugzilla).
  • bug 545313 Port |bug 480967 Don't leak MSYS paths into makefiles| to comm-central.
  • bug 546103 Remove remnant MOZ_PERF_METRICS (Core).


  • bug 125188 allow users to specify which LDAP directories and local ABs the want to use for autocomplete and/or show in the AB window.


Bugs fixed:

  • bug 46948 Copy image doesn't copy image (nor its location).
  • bug 546040 Port bug 410996 Answering a news article in a saved search folder not stored under a news account creates mail reply instead of follow-up.


  • Prepared and shipped SeaMonkey 2.0.3
  • Looked into graphs server (bug 492406) data pushing.
  • More progress window work (bug 513691, bug 515053) before I threw the towel because of too much stop energy on that topic.
  • Filed bug 545716 on OOPP for SeaMonkey.
  • Started Council / SeaMonkey dev discussion about dropping 1.9.2 and going for 1.9.3, drove it to a conclusion / decision and posted about it: .
  • Worked on getting pushlog metadata onto my server so I can subscribe to useful pushlogs in the feed reader, for testing this now runs at .
  • Introduced a temporary website glitch and fixed it again (bug 546997).
  • Turned off experimental 1.9.2 build and instead turned on debug builds on trunk, found a slight buildbotcustom issue there and put up a patch (bug 547540).
  • Got the new Mac machines integrated into build pools (bug 526208).
  • Turned on first few tests for Mac on trunk.
  • Checked in patch for async places expiration (bug 536374).
  • Started work on places bookmarks support (bug 498596), found that HTML import/export should live in toolkit instead of browser (bug 546942).
  • Filed bug 546484 and bug 546487 for unsupporting 1.9.2, which Serge did, reviewed patch for OS/2 packaging that did parts of that as well (bug 545534).
  • Checked in another fix for de help from Michael Opitz (bug 546343).
  • As usual, my blogcasino en ligne francais has more detailed status about my work, and Mozilla Status Board Posts also tell about my next planned steps.


  • bug 471346 Port GetDefaultFeedReader to SeaMonkey shell service (waiting for review)


  • Fixed (or in-progress) bugs:
    • bug 480109 Provide tests for SeaMonkey sessionstore.
    • bug 547710 Port Bug 523771 [Support <input type=file multiple>] sessionstore part to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 483381 Port Bug 480148 (Restore visible tabs first when restoring session) to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 486696 Closing browser / switching profile keeps and later restores state / open tabs and history.
    • bug 510890 Port Bug 394759 (Add undo close window feature) to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 524369 Port Bug 491168 [Allow SessionStore to save/restore referrer field] to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 524371 Port Bug 423132 [speed up sessionstore cookie bits] to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 547406 Port Bug 485976 [Move writing sessionstore.js off the main thread] to SeaMonkey.
    • bug 547720 Port bug Bug 493823 [One test from browser_394759 not being run] to SeaMonkey.
  • I submitted request for comm-central push right. I need one vouch and SR. If someone want to give vouch or SR, bug 546586




Bugs fixed:

  • bug 528755 Find a place for filepicker's filter strings to live.
  • bug 542842 Cascading menulists don't look very good.
  • bug 543001 Make nsTArray::GreatestIndexLtEq easier to use.
  • bug 545383 Tabbed browser doesn't tell session restore to disable undo close tab.

Working on:

  • bug 17796 Reply, Reply All, Forward, and Next should be dual menubuttons (dropdown, drop-down).
  • bug 513691 Sanitize redesigned download progress window.
  • bug 536739 nsMsgPrompt should use FormatString instead of hand-rolling string insertion.
  • bug 538964 do_QueryObject to query nsRefPtr pointers.
  • bug 539389 Very slow file manipulation deleting or moving messages (profile stored on synchronized network folder). Tb3 requests write for each line of mail data. Should use buffering.
  • bug 545730 make CallQueryInterface variant for nsRefPtr.


  • Working on:
    • bug 534221 Implement close (x) button on every tab (browser.tabs.closeButtons).
    • bug 537448 Port bug 227305 (Support drag-drop single message to desktop / file-system window) [checkin-needed].
    • bug 541665 Sync Suite pref-smartupdate.* with mozilla-central [checkin-needed].
    • bug 544661 Wrap the message pane in a hbox just like Thunderbird (bug 544162) [checkin-needed].
  • Other:


  • Fixed (or in-progress) SeaMonkey (related) bugs:
    • bug 521624 Port |Bug 517355 - Restore OJI, Liveconnect and the JEP on the 1.9.2 branch on OS X| to comm-central (apps)
    • bug 541594 extend nsIINIParser to allow writing INI files
    • bug 543289 "Warning: package error or possible missing or unnecessary file: bin/components/ (packages, 98)", after bug 483116 landing
    • bug 545987 Port |Bug 545081 - There's no need for no_pkg_files when every platform uses a package manifest| to SeaMonkey
    • bug 546484 Error out on building SeaMonkey with 1.9.2 from comm-central
    • bug 546487 Remove 1.9.2 ifdefs from suite/ on comm-central
    • bug 511884 [SeaMonkey 2.0/2.1] (Conditionally) Remove obsolete 'Java Console' item
  • Fixed (or in-progress) MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 60649 javascript strict warnings in AccountWizard.js
    • bug 427750 Require python >= 2.4 to build Mozilla (and >=2.5 on Windows hosts)
    • bug 457949 no need for Stopwatch
    • bug 481584 add libpath to link jemalloc in xulrunner and xulrunner-stub on windows ce
    • bug 485405 Use gmake to build NSS, even when using pymake everywhere else
    • bug 485862 testing/mochitest/ssltunnel fails to find system nss includes
    • bug 486793 Unit tests: Add capability to easily profile a test
    • bug 487956 prevent early expansion of flags in
    • bug 491325 Fix warning during builds: "cat: dummy-hello.s: No such file or directory"
    • bug 492089 default Mac OS X minimum deployment target for 64-bit builds should be 10.5
    • bug 493672 build error due to xulrunner/dist/sdk/include missing
    • bug 497826 _PLATFORM_DEFAULT_TOOLKIT of WinCE should be 'cairo-windows' instead of 'windows'
    • bug 501794 fennec l10n nightly repacks -- win32/osx desktop
    • bug 502298 NS_LITERAL_STRING should use u"" when available
    • bug 502696 js_CompareAndSwap on sparc should not use PRLock()
    • bug 503123 add some additional SDKs/flags to WinCE tools
    • bug 503756 Bug 489579 causes srcdir firefox builds not to start
    • bug 505522 Support building with C++ exceptions
    • bug 507513 Need ABI defined for WinCE / WinMo
    • bug 527659 Update Mozilla-central to NSS 3.12.6
    • bug 536678 Comm-central contains a MoreFilesX dependency, but is obsolete on Gecko1.9.2 and later
    • bug 538528 Allow network attempts to restart itself in case of failures
    • bug 541203 Port |Bug 216462 - (smil) Implement SVG (SMIL) Animation| to comm-central, configure part
    • bug 542770 Port |Bug 504822 - Remove XBM support from Mozilla| to comm-central
    • bug 543294 Port |Bug 473411 - the rule for DIST_FILES should create dist/bin| to c-c
    • bug 543295 Port |Bug 478443 -- Alter makefiles slightly to make pymake happy| to comm-central
    • bug 543296 Port |Bug 422986 -- make -j2 -f profiledbuild fails| to comm-central
    • bug 543297 Port |Bug 498330 -- make distclean doesn't work with --disable-compile-environment| to comm-central
    • bug 544913 Restore NS_PRINTING and use it in packaging
    • bug 545057 Port |Bug 477679 - default to -Ox for windows ce optimization flag| to comm-central
    • bug 545058 Port changeset 22f5d7ee604f and changeset 8510b43aa883 to comm-central
    • bug 545320 Port |Bug 482156 - Get rid of (unnecessary) LIBGNOME dependency| and related follow-ups to comm-central
    • bug 545133 Remove MOZ_VALGRIND from comm-central
    • bug 545594 Port |Bug 495224 - Builds involving symlinks in the source dir fail to find config/| to comm-central
    • bug 546065 Port bug 488608 and bug 490325 to comm-central
    • bug 492026 Port |Bug 480069 - Recursive submakes without shell loops| to comm-central
    • bug 513709 Remove some useless vars, mozilla-* ones are enough
  • Fixed (or in-progress) Core bugs:
    • bug 117440 remove usages of DEBUG_PRINTF in favor of NS_ASSERTION/NS_WARNING
    • bug 502696 js_CompareAndSwap on sparc should not use PRLock()
    • bug 484799 make {package,installer} should rebase on windows
  • Fixed other projects bugs:
    • [Thunderbird] bug 547257 mdimporter 'MODULE' is defined too late
    • [qimportbz] bug 534401 Exception when trying to import a patch with an already existing name
  • And working on other areas... like
    • doing a Windows comm-central-trunk SeaMonkey unit test build, filing bugs as needed; looking forward to an official build when enough new buildbot slaves can be enabled (bug 464325 follow-ups).



Bugs fixed:

  • bug 530064 Firefox can't open local files (from Finder) with space character(s) in file name.

Working on:

  • bug 537343 Need new entities for proper Mac menu items localization in all the supported locales.
  • bug 540974 [Mac classic] On received messages, if too many attachments, scroll bar works but is not visible.
  • bug 547492 Use correct resize cursor for collapsed splitters.


Any other business?

  • [sgautherie] I suggest to replace the (usually) empty roundtable entries with a list of "no report/activity from these contributors"...
    • [Ratty] How about pruning the entries. There are some contributors who just drop by specifically to implement one feature they are interested in and then disappear forever afterwards (asrail, wladow). MReimer appears to have GAFIAted and is highly unlikely to return. Aqualon does bug triage regularly so perhaps he could update us on his QA activities.
    • [sgautherie] We can do both/either: I just wanted to make a "1st step" suggestion ;-)
    • KaiRo suggests moving the whole roundtable to the status board but that would require active developers to sign-up.
  • KompoZer: Kaze says that independent of getting KompoZer into comm-central, he could still backport most of KompoZer features to SM Composer: just send him a list of the most wanted ones (or ask our users).
    • [Ratty] will start a new thread in the Mozillazine SeaMonkey forums to that effect.