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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank?
    • Callek nominated tonymec for the tabbrowser "was tab viewed yet" patch which Callek consider to be a quite complex piece of code to patch.
      • Are you kidding? I just grabbed the Firefox patch, found the SeaMonkey file of the same name, added the same few lines, and voilà. No sweat. — Tonymec 04:21, 21 September 2011 (PDT)
    • Please note A person or entity can't be nominated twice in a row.

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • We should find a better way of getting nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank.
    • We could put out a call for nominations the week before then, at the time of the meeting notice going out we could include any nominations (We need to come up with a quick FAQ as to what merits a nomination). IanN has put out an email to the members list. InvisibleSmiley came up with some sensible suggestions.
    • We need to advertise such a thing happens even if it is only in the meeting notice.


Release Train

  • Callek is working on getting comm-aurora and comm-beta on MXR (bug 653424).
    • Patch updated. Awaiting review
  • 2.3.3 shipped 6 September. Hopefully the last in 2.3.x series, but it all comes to CAs statuses.
  • Callek has been churning out updates and betas over the last couple of weeks.
    • 2.0.14 -> 2.3.3 Major Updates live as of 6 September.
    • 2.4 Beta 2 shipped 12 September.
    • 2.4 Beta 3 is scheduled for Sunday 25 September.
  • 2.4 Final Scheduled for 27 September (along with the channel moves) or perhaps early October depending on the Firefox schedule.
    • This is also the date for uplift to Aurora (l10n freeze) so we hope that en-GB patches get approval before then otherwise it will have to be dropped.

Extensions Compatibility Tracking

  • Addon Compatibility Listings created and maintained by InvisibleSmiley, with help from some community members like DERoss.
    • Recent changes can be found here.
    • [InvisibleSmiley:] The External Sources part is still TODO, help appreciated.
  • Enigmail provides versions for release (AMO) and all branches (Enigmail nightly page)
  • Lightning currently only provides versions for the current stable release (AMO), Aurora and trunk (both FTP). We need to clearly communicate to users that at least for the time being, Beta is not supported (i.e. all Lightning versions are broken with it!).
    • [InvisibleSmiley] I switched to Aurora now just because of that! (later...) There's a Calendar Versions page which suggests that contrary to what I wrote there are builds for Beta. Need to check that.]
  • The latest Firebug is now fully compatible but still not flagged as such on AMO (which seems to depend on automatic tests being set up and run on the Firebug side, see Issue 4430)
    • [InvisibleSmiley] Use Firebug 1.9 pre-releases for 2.4 and later (maybe even earlier SM versions; haven't checked)
  • Besides the above, we should also take a look at other add-ons that are important for our users when they switch to 2.x.
  • InvisibleSmiley created a FAQ Wiki page. Everybody please help update it, so it stays current without needing too much maintenance.
  • KaiRo created a SeaMonkey Features page and sub-pages for all those that are in development.

We need to get the Addon Compatibility page finished and better communicate how to keep Lightning and Enigmail updated since unfortunately the only versions provided on AMO are for the current stable release. People keep coming back reporting that e.g. Lightning stopped working on trunk, Aurora or Beta. But since it contains binary components, Lightning easily breaks if you don't retrieve the matching install file yourself.

We should also add some information on this to the release notes of future betas.

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

2.2 Follow-ups and Issues

  • Lost Bookmarks bug 673474 and Cookies bug 673672 on auto-update from 2.0.14 to 2.2.
    • Bookmarks can be re-imported from bookmarks.html.
  • Users are unhappy about various UX and usability issues with the new Data Manager.
    • Ratty proposes that until all the major pain points are addressed, links to the old individual managers be established (probably from the various Data Manager panes).


open tracking (0) tracking requests (0) targeted (0) fixed (25)

  • The New 2.3 Features page has a comprehensive list of features.
  • 2.3.x had ~77,600 ADU yesterday and 2.3.3 has had ~99,800 downloads so far.
    • vs. 6,580 on 2.2, 1,823 on 2.1 and 36,076 on 2.0. So, in the last two weeks, ~11k have migrated to 2.3 or above.
2.3 Follow-ups and Issues
  • werwolf reports that there are no Spanish Es-Ar help files, only English for several releases.
    • RickieES has contacted the es-AR people to offer them the es-ES files. Marcelo Poli said they will use es-ES files while we try to update es-AR content.
  • Status/update from RickieES:
    • Several e-mails sent to Marcelo Poli and Guillermo Movia about the issue.
    • es-AR is not translating help files; instead, it uses en-US files...
    • ...but they haven't been updated long time ago, which means that they have &copyright.string; entities no longer existing in help.dtd, which leads to YSOD (Yellow Screens Of Death).
    • They are missing the new mailnews-*.xhtml files, too, although the RDF files link to them, which leads to empty error pages (lke the ones appearing when a server is not available, but without any text in them).
    • I've checked es-ES help files for Spain specific mentions and reported back to Marcelo, so they can easily take es-ES and use them as es-AR with just a few changes.
      • [InvisibleSmiley] Or just copy the current set of en-US files as-is
    • Currently waiting their reply.


  • Callek scheduled 2.4b3 for Sunday.
  • SeaMonkey 2.4 is due out towards the end of September (27th) or perhaps early October depending on Firefox and our resources.
    • [InvisibleSmiley] We need to make sure that anything that landed on comm-beta (for TB) or mozilla-beta (for FF) which affected non-shared code and which fixed regressions will be fixed on our side, too. Examples: Session Store bug 668646 (port bug: bug 671520). IanN agrees.
    • [Callek] In the future, please mark bugs we feel *need* to land on a particular train tracking+ or tracking? so that when I go to do a release I can be sure I don't miss anything. (I should write up a doc)
    • [InvisibleSmiley] We need to try harder to fix regressions ASAP. IMO regressions, especially from the last stable version, need to be addressed with top priority, especially in light of the rapid release train. Also keep an eye on and prioritize bugs to be ported from FF/TB that land on branches (Aurora, Beta). For example bug 668646 landed on Beta, but bug 671520 did not.
    • We need to keep an eye especially on Session Restore, Sync and Tabbrowser.
  • Please help updating the New 2.4 Features page as we go.

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for last two (full) weeks: 40 new, 39 fixed, 49 triaged.

  • More fixed than new this time, good! Good amount of triaging going on, too.
  • Good further triage targets could come out of looking at the component bug counts, pick yours!
  • IanN wonders when would be a good time to have another bug day. Perhaps on October, once 2.4 is out?
    • Tonymec and IanN wonder if the last time was mid-week or on weekend. Operation Nugzilla happened from May 18th to 20th (Wed to Fri).
    • Callek_Away tries to triage bugs within 48 hours since they are filed. He hopes to start going through stuff once he gets most of his other todo's caught up; but that may not be as soon as he'd like.
  • IanN to get Tonymec to start a discussion in the sm-members list regarding the next bug day.

Open reviews/flags: 27 review 14 super-review 0 ui-review 7 feedback

Major wanted/needed features:


  • Kill-RDF:
  • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition [IanN].
    • Progressing slowly, still waiting on reviews from TB side. Full customization has to go to (currently 2.6 but could be pushed back further) as it needs work on TB too which is taking a while to get reviews on, plus feedback from kaze.
    • IanN is still unpicking Composer/Mail Compose code in the dependent bugs.
  • de-RDF bug 654864 has been finished and landed on all development branches, including 2.3. Still to do:
    • Neil wanted to follow up on some listener issues
    • for the selection issue, see what the TB guys come up with in bug 669203
  • bug 515734 Provide More Entries in the Win7 Jumplist Tasks list. [Callek].
    • Fixed and in, in time for the 2.5 train. (Currently in aurora)
  • bug 477845 Build a standalone (Comm-central) Composer. [kaze]
    • kaze has done a bit of work in this bug recently. Building on Windows works. Now supports debug builds on Linux if tests are disabled (--disable-tests). Still a lot to do.
    • IanN will see if he can help get builds working with --enable-tests.

Needing help, Unowned, Stalled

  • Kill-RDF:
    • bug 657607 Port jminta's kill-rdf to SeaMonkey where applicable Part 2 [meta].
  • bug 436794 Enable Mac OS X system address book per default and add UI.
    • SM UI needed, unowned, helpwanted.
  • bug 449728 Drag tabs between windows.
  • bug 477840 Backport KompoZer to Composer (Depends on bug 477845).
    • kaze has done a ton of work there. We still need to work out some organizational issues. At the moment there is no active interest from MoMo for bringing standalone composer into comm-central. That's something we (KaiRo and kaze) will have to negotiate with the Thunderbird team (Standard8).
  • bug 507841 Port Bug 422814 - Make account configuration quick, easy, and more secure (autoconfig, Quick Account Setup).
  • bug 533908 SeaMonkey Mail: tabs not restored [misak].
  • bug 523274 Complete new default theme icon set.
  • bug 526210 Update the icon set for the SeaMonkey Modern Theme.
    • bug 548778 New communicator icons (based on Strata theme) for SeaMonkey. Some proposed icons got posted, we should take a look how to get that contribution into the product.
    • The rest is unowned so far.
  • bug 87098 [SeaMonkey] Delete key should delete location bar history list entry.
    • Note: Our location bar history doesn't and can't use autocomplete at all.
  • bug 677484 Individual SeaMonkey components are not properly handled by the Windows 7 taskbar.
  • bug 654009 Reply to list: automatically determine From: address
    • Note: The actual task here is to port bug 45715 "Reply to List" [button/(context) menu item]

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).




  • bug 686048 - Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.4 Beta 2
  • bug 684648 - Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.4 Beta 1
  • bug 682739 - Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.3.1 2.3.2 2.3.3 MU [Major Update]
  • bug 683719 - Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.3.3
  • bug 680113 - Select Add-ons dialog lists distribution add-ons as installed by the user
  • bug 686139 - Port |Bug 556382 - Link 32-bit Windows builds with LARGEADDRESSAWARE| to comm. (simple port)
    • For Trunk and Aurora
  • bug 684536 - More Sync changes since Firefox 4
  • bug 685480 followup, fix OE5 stuff to not duplicate symbols, and fix msgbsutil linking. (was included in try push, but as part of the "pull-bs" part.
  • bug 682898 - Create a test to ensure comm-central and mozilla-central configuration harness is in sync
  • bug 645616 - Re-Deploy Buildbot Master 0.8 based on structure of Firefox Masters
  • bug 687205 - Tracking bug for build and release of SeaMonkey 2.4 Beta 3
  • bug 682808 - Improve the way nsIClassInfo is handled in components (Port bug 658632 to SeaMonkey) Trunk and Aurora
  • All other work, including todo's, working on, pending review, etc. can be found, up-to-date on my Activity Page.



  • Usual testing, reviewing and commenting.
  • Fixed:
    • bug 677859 Stop using abDirTreeOverlay
    • bug 664832 Page info should use the same last dir for both single and multiple file saves
    • bug 682582 Move navigator/hiddenwindow stringbundles to navigatorOverlay
    • bug 682600 Remove duplicate keys/keysets in hiddenwindow
    • bug 682620 Move navigator/hiddenwindow commandsets to navigatorOverlay
    • bug 682723 Move common overlay/scripts from hiddenWindow/navigator to navigatorOverlay
    • bug 682740 mailNavigatorOverlay's goOpenNewMessage never gets called
    • bug 648867 Can't open new message window
    • bug 686372 Create helper function for setting nsISupportsString complexvalue prefs and make use of it
    • bug 686386 Tidy up network proxy type UI
    • bug 686999 Rename getBoolPref helper to GetBoolPref and make more use of it
    • bug 686936 Switch suite/browser and suite/common to use GetIntPref helper
    • bug 687292 is undefined
  • Waiting for review on:
    • bug 638643 Remove obsolete EditorToggleParagraphMarks from editor.js
    • bug 680805 Share edit menus between Composer, Plain Text Editor and Messenger Compose
    • bug 683315 Update en-GB for Gecko 8.0 (mozilla-aurora)
    • bug 683323 Update en-GB for SeaMonkey 2.5/Thunderbird 8.0 (comm-aurora)
    • bug 684719 Update en-GB help for SeaMonkey 2.4 (comm-beta)
    • Test for bug 552782 Outlines: Numbering is wrong
  • Waiting for additional review on:
    • bug 21432 Implement Print Preview and Print Setup / Page Setup as in the browser
    • bug 676991 Move toolbar print button to utilityOverlay
  • Reviewed and waiting for other work before possible checkin:
    • bug 674942 Mailnews part of cookie code still gets built as MOZ_MAIL_NEWS is not configured correctly
  • Working on:
    • bug 606683 Allow customization of toolbar in Composer and MailNews Composition
    • bug 639690 [META] Re-arrange code between editor and editorOverlay
    • bug 657234 Move pasteQuote and pasteNoFormatting into contentAreaContextOverlay
    • File/Folder selection in windows.
  • To Do:
    • bug 639395 Get cmd_fontSize to reflect current state of selected content / content at caret.
    • Prefs-in-a-tab.


  • Fixed:
    • bug 686740 Port bug 686366 |Canceling Sign In wizard page triggers "Weave is not defined" error|
    • bug 683716 Port bug 682803 |can't set address book in filters|
    • bug 686174 Update SeaMonkey website for 2.4 Beta 2 release
    • bug 685247 Port |bug 653307 - Adjust reCAPTCHA NoScript hack in Sync| and |bug 670082 - When setting Sync options for the first time, clicking Done does nothing [error: Weave.Engines.get("history") is undefined]|
    • bug 683724 Update SeaMonkey website for 2.3.3 release
    • bug 684650 Update SeaMonkey website for 2.4 Beta 1 release
  • Reviewed:
    • bug 684160 Port some recent SyncUI changes to SeaMonkey
    • bug 684536 More Sync Changes: (port bugs 620593, 626099, 630885, 636353 and 642969)
  • Working On:
    • bug 687207 Update SeaMonkey website for 2.4 Beta 3 release
    • bug 686616 "Tabs from other computers" Menu item appears when it isn't supposed to.
    • review bug 684537 Port bug 626949 |Sync UI: Style generic change dialogs like the setup and Add a Device wizards| to suite
    • create Sync meta bug and add all Sync bugs left to be ported from FF as dependencies (Callek filed bug 687316)



Hope to have some bugs fixed by the next meeting.


Working on:

  • bug 675493 Port [bug 655550 Persisted tab attribute gets lost after restart twice] and one relevant line from [Bug 644998 - Session should not be restorable after "Clear Recent History"].


Working on bug 356742 [cocoa] Sheets are offscreen if opened when all windows closed (attached to hiddenwindow).




  • bug 611503 Constructing an nsTDependentString from an nsTAString makes no sense [Core].
  • bug 660532 Useless uses of PromiseFlatCString [Places].
  • bug 684617 runs configure twice.
  • bug 684726 Remind people to update nsContentBlocker when they update nsIContentPolicy [Core].
  • bug 684805 Port bug 648045 Mark the active tab in minimized windows as inactive.
  • bug 684808 Warning: reference to undefined property this.init.
  • bug 685464 DOMMenuItemActive is not consistent for menulist items [Core].



  • bug 673878 Option to disable mousewheel scroll on tab bar.
  • bug 683168 Add ARIA semantics to those search widget types that don't have a Search button.
  • bug 685466 [element.onSecurityChange is not a function] on every tab change.
  • bug 686896 Properly escape keyword searches when alternative character sets are specified.


  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • End user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


  • About es-AR help files:
  • I'm back to work and I won't be able to take meeting minutes, sorry. :-(



Fixed bug 684981 Port bug 646307 stop annoying error console message: Warning: reference to undefined property msgWindow.msgHeaderSink.



  • FIXED:
    • bug 564100 "No way to tell if a non-current tab has been read: [selected=false] is not possible anymore" (port Firefox bug 487242 "Regression: in userChrome.css no longer possible to distinguish between unvisited tabs, visited tabs, and the selected tab")

Any other business?