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Prior to the SeaMonkey 2.0x builds (SeaMonkey 1.x and Mozilla 1.x), the debug and QA menus (and other items in the UI) were disabled for release branches by applying a patch (bug 202315) which commented out the relevant display parts, but would lead to some unused code remaining in the release builds and some of it being executed as well.

With SeaMonkey 2.0x builds gaining the Add-on Manager it made sense to make these debug and UI options into one extension. The advantages being that all the debug and QA specific code will exist in one place in the code base, and in the installed SeaMonkey.

The Debug and QA UI extension is also sometimes referred to as "DebugQA" due to its internal ID.

What does it provide?

Currently the DebugQA extension provides:

  • Debug and QA menus on the Navigator window.
  • Debug preference panes in the preferences window.
  • Build ID in the Navigator title bar.
  • Debug menu for the Composer window.
  • Plain text editor (via Composer window debug menu).


All nightly builds currently include the Debug and QA UI extension. For release builds you can install extension from AMO.

The DebugQA extension is an optional installation (on windows) for 2.0x installer builds. On other builds, the extension can easily be disabled via the Add-on Manager or removed by removing the directory "extensions/" from within the application directory.