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Search Hijacking

Feature Status Lead Engineer QA Lead Status
Search Hijacking OK Gavin Sharp Paul Silaghi In progress


  • Web search is a lucrative business and so the search integration points in Web browsers have become a target for add-ons -- from legitimate, to grayware, to malware. The collection of techniques used to circumvent browser search defaults to funnel search revenues to third parties is referred to as "Search hijacking".
  • With the increase in search hijacking and it's negative effect on user choice and control, Mozilla is looking into ways to help users defend themselves.


  • Design and infrastructure:
    • bug 718088 - offer to re-set keyword.URL if it has a non-default value
    • bug 724145 - telemetry for search hijacking

Use Cases to Test

Basic Functional Testing

Edge Cases

Test Cases

  • A list of test cases for this feature can be found here: Test Cases

Important bugs

  • bug 738804 - back out keyword.URL prompting changes
  • bug 736878 - keyword.URL reset prompt doesn't properly re-set prefs if default engine is modified