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FirefoxOS Security Team Meeting

1pm PST, B2G Vidyo room Prior notes are here:

Agenda Items

  • [cr] devtools stuff
* Paul Rouget and team are planning to rewrite app-validator in js and move into dev tools.
* We expect app-validator to stay on submission, but probably more focussed on basic QA and perhaps malware detection.
* File browser (which Matt called "a hack on hacks") will probably also stay in Zamboni. For now it's the best place to have version control  and the diff viewer.

- reviews


- new component created - eg - Rob's Damn Vulnerable FxOS App is in the review queue . Will be used for sec review tutorial (ongoing work in )


Refactoring debugger server:

Previous Action Items

  • [everyone] ask fxos functional teams for new features landing this week

New Action Items

Goal Status Updates

- [cr] has been digging around the dev tools code in Firefox Nightly.

Other stuff