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Improving Firefox OS Security Documentation

Goal: Document the security architecture of Firefox OS and Web Apps

The main thrust of this work will be cleaning up and extending documentation, and posting to MDN where it can be maintained properly.

Existing Documentation

  • Apps/Security This is the main chunk of content on FirefoxOS at the moment, but its outdated and structured in a manner that is hard to digest.
  • B2G/Architecture/Runtime_Security This is currently a design document, status of implementation. We probably want to document current state and get that on MDN, and keep this page for tracking goals/future work?
  • Gaia Overview Needs work to bring it up to date, and then posted to MDN. This isn't strictly security related (since its gaia overall) but it is very important to understanding of the app lifecycle so I think its worth us doing.

Draft Outline

Kang/Pauljt developed a draft outline, might be useful: link