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Items to be reviewed

Introduce Feature

Goal of Feature, what is trying to be achieved (problem solved, use cases, etc)

  • API for allowing access to the status of the battery on the device
    • part of the WebAPI project
  • 2 properties (read only)
    • level 0-1
    • charging - is the battery charging
    • no battery = 1 & charging
    • Eventually the API will include charge/discharge times
      • if there's no battery, infinity will be provided instead of times
  • exposed to all content

What solutions/approaches were considered other than the proposed solution?

Why was this solution chosen?

  • privacy concerns - minimize fingerprinting

Any security threats already considered in the design and why?=

  • fingerprinting
  • possibly knowing how long it might take to drain battery

Threat Brainstorming

  • Privacy: will this API be exposed to all content (shipped in all versions of Firefox), or just b2g?
  • web sites are able to tell if you have a battery or not due to return values of charging time etc - 1 bit of fingerprinting
    • Result means that web sites could try really hard to drain batteries
  • Pref to disable the API? (not yet)

Conclusions / Action Items