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Pending Reviews

Please complete the minimal Security Review Template for your feature before scheduling your review. For small features or changes we will likely group several together into one session or handle it one-on-one. For larger topics we should schedule them for a longer timeslot. Please add that time in the date column (use Mountain View time (Pacific)).

The "who" is responsible for filling out the review template and scheduling the review. Please email security at mozilla dot org when reviews are scheduled and if times change. Please also email any other folks in the "interested" column. If not immediately after a Platform meeting, dial in will be 650-903-0800 x92 Conf# 215 (US/INTL). Default IRC backchannel is #planning.

Features that get cut from Firefox 4 should be moved to the page rather than simply deleted.


All times are Mountain View local time (Pacific)

feature who review date interested References
CSS calc(), CSS transitions, and CSS :-moz-any() dbaron

-moz-calc()transitions -moz-any()
CSS -moz-element/document.mozSetImageElement mstange

CSS -moz-font-feature-opentype jdagget/jkew

W3C Proposal spec
JS animation scheduling bzbarsky

JS-ctypes dwitte
bsmith spec
JS ES5 jwalden?

draft bug 520696
JS Proxies gal?

nsISupports proxies
JS Compartments mrbkap

SpiderMonkey Internals: Thread Safety
JS/WebGL byte arrays vlad
Media Buffer API 

bug 462957, bug 570904 spec
New DPI System? roc

SVG as IMG/background dholbert

Tab Modal dialogs dolske
bsmith spec
Touch Events felipe

Video driver blocklisting Joe Drew \o/

WebGL vlad

ANGLE vlad

WebM roc?

video audio
WebM 3D Matthew Gregan

XHR.mozResponseArrayBuffer vlad
bsmith spec

Front End

feature who review date interested

Completed Reviews

Please add a link to the review comments in the appropriate column. There is a section in the template that can be used for this, but it's fine to have the comments in a separate document as long as it's linked to here.


feature who date review comments
Audio API David Humphrey 2011-02-02 comments
Jägermonkey sayre 2010-12-16
harfbuzz jdagget/jkew 2010-12-?
HTML5 Parser hsivonen 2010-10-27 comments
Desktop Notifications dougt 2010-10-18 comments
IndexedDB bent 2010-09-30 comments
canvas.mozGetAsFile khuey 2010-09-29
File API changes sicking 2010-09-29
FormData sicking 2010-09-29
HTML5 Forms Mounir 2010-09-29 comments
Cookie changes dwitte 2010-09-22 comments
SVG Animation (SMIL) dholbert 2008-09-03 comments
History pushState/replaceState jlebar see 3.6 rev

Front End

feature who date review comments
App Tabs zpao Jan 19, 2011 tracking bug dao, faaborg
Doorhanger notifications gavin Jan 19, 2011 faaborg, bsmith
about:addons mossop 2010-12-15
Add-on UI dietrich 2010-12-16 comments
Jetpack modules dietrich 2010-12-16 comments
New Start Page mak 2010-12-15
Sync internal and external reviews faaborg, bsmith
Web console kdangoor 2010-10-05 comments
Update billboard changes rs 2011-01-24 bug 628428
Update: Post-update actions rs 2011-01-24
New Theme (code/bindings) gavin Jan 19, 2011
Port satchel to js dolske

Cascade Session Restore zpao Jan 19, 2011 tracking bug
Deferred Session Restore zpao tracking bug
Tab Panorama aza Jan 19, 2011 tracking bug