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App Review Details

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Gallery is the photo and video browser application. You can see all the photos and videos that you have taken in the past, which are stored on the SD Card. You can browse through them in a thumbnail view and also see full size photos and videos by tapping a thumbnail.

You can also select a single or multiple media items and then share those items with other applications through the 'share' activity. It is also possible to delete items that you have selected.

Last, there is also a simple photo editor in the application where you can do things like adjust the exposure, do a crop and apply filters.

The app does not have photo or video taking abilities. It delegates that to the Camera app (throught the 'record' Activity).



Relevant Source Code

Source code can be found at

  • index.html - The UI for the application
  • open.html - The UI for the view that is shown for the 'open' Activity
  • js/open.js - The code for handling the 'open' Activity
  • js/gallery.js - The code for the application
  • js/ImageEditor.js - Library with image editor functions
  • js/MetadataParser.js - Library with functions for thumbnails and metadata collection
  • js/frames.js - The code related to fullscreen view
  • js/imagesize.js - The code to determine the pixel dimension

Shared code:

  • shared/js/l10n.js
  • shared/js/device_storage/enumerate_all.js
  • shared/js/lazy_loader.js
  • shared/js/media/media_utils.js
  • shared/js/mediadb.js
  • shared/js/visibility_monitor.js
  • shared/js/gesture_detector.js
  • shared/js/blobview.js
  • shared/js/media/media_frame.js
  • shared/js/mime_mapper.js
  • shared/js/media/jpeg_metadata_parser.js
  • shared/js/device_storage/get_storage_if_available.js
  • shared/js/device_storage/get_unused_filename.js

See also these bugs:

  • bug 840659 [Security Review] Gaia Shared Code MediaDB
  • bug 840660 [Security Review] Gaia Shared Code Media


The application has the following permissions:

  • "storage":{} - storage permission to mediadb and async storage client
  • "device-storage:pictures":{"access":"readwrite"}, - Because it needs to read and write to the pictures stored on the SD Card
  • "device-storage:videos":{"access":"readwrite"}, - Because it needs to read and write to the videos stored on the SD Card
  • "audio-channel-content":{}, - This permissions is needed to interrupt background music if a video is read (see bug 841365)
  • "deprecated-hwvideo":{}, - Needed for sharing video decoding hardware among Camera, Gallery and Video.
  • "settings":{"access":"readonly"} - Because it needs to access the chosen locale, which is stored in the settings. (This is via shared/js/l10n.js, which accesses the language.current setting through navigator.mozSettings)

Web Activity Handlers

The application makes the following activities available to other apps:

  • browse - To allow a third party app to open the media browser. This has no return value so it is basically just used as a way to open the Gallery app. It is used to open the gallery from the Camera app.
  • pick - To allow a third party app to pick photos and videos from the library. Contains the type of media to pick (video or photo). The return value is a list of filename/blob pairs for the selected items.
  • open - To open an individual item in the photo (or video?) viewer. It takes a blob as a value.

Blobs are documented at

Web Activity Usage

The following activities are initiated:

  • record - Used when the camera button is clicked. It will simply start the camera app. No info passed.
  • share - Used when the share button is clicked. It gets passed the blobs, filenames and full paths of selected items.

The *full paths* are really just relative paths to the media files from the root of the specific DeviceStorage location. So for example DCIM/100MZLLA/IMG_00001.JPG for a photo relative to the photos storage. This is no concern.

Notable Event Handlers

Code Review Notes

1. XSS & HTML Injection attacks

No vulnerable or questionable code has been found. The application has no input fields or constructed text labels.

2. Secure Communications

This app does not communicate with any external services.

3. (Secure) data storage

Two data storage APIs are used:

  • The DeviceStorage API is used to manage the raw video and photo files on the SD Card
  • The IndexedDB API is used to manage the metadata of the raw files (titles, filenames, thumbnails)

All the code to do this is contained in /shared/js/mediadb.js.

4. Denial of Service

imagesize.js checks against corrupt image metadata and reject files that are too large.

5. Use of Privileged APIs

  • DeviceStorage - used to access the audio and video files
  • Settings - used by shared/js/l10n.js to keep track of locale changes

6. Interfaces with other Apps/Content

Security Risks & Mitigating Controls

Actions & Recommendations

The application unnecesarily has access to all system settings. This is an issue with the Settings API that should be improved in a future version of Firefox OS:

  • bug 841071 Settings are globally shared between applications
  • bug 841196 Applications should stop using settings permission to just get locale info