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App Review Details

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Video is the Video Player application. It playes videos that are stored on the SD card. It does not record videos.

The app presents a list view of available videos. Long tapping on a video opens a dialog asking if you want to delete the video. Short apping the video opens a player that immediately starts playing the video. The player also has a delete button and player controls (pause and a scrubber).

The app exposes a "view" activity that third party apps can use to play videos. This activity accepts links to content of type video/webm, video/mp4, video/3gpp and video/ogg.

Playing videos from Youtube in the Video app is not longer available since in response of bug 887454. Instead, attempting to play a YouTube video will launch it on the YouTube page.



Relevant Source Code

Source code can be found at

Application code:

  • index.html - The UI for the application
  • view.html - The UI for the view that is shown for the 'view' Activity
  • js/video.js - The code for the main application
  • js/metadata.js - Metadata parsing for video files
  • js/db.js - Handles the videos list
  • js/thumbnail_list.js - The code to render video data into a list
  • js/thumbnail_date_group.js - Grouping mechanism
  • js/thumbnail_item.js - Render a single video view object

Shared code:

  • shared/js/l10n.js
  • shared/js/l10n_date.js
  • shared/js/template.js
  • shared/js/device_storage/enumerate_all.js<
  • shared/js/mediadb.js
  • shared/js/blobview.js
  • shared/js/media/get_video_rotation.js

See also these bugs:

  • bug 840659 [Security Review] Gaia Shared Code MediaDB


The application has the following permissions:

  • "device-storage:pictures":{"access":"readwrite"},
  • "device-storage:videos":{"access":"readwrite"},
  • "audio-channel-content":{},
  • "settings":{"access":"readonly"} - Because it needs to access the chosen locale, which is stored in the settings. (This is via shared/js/l10n.js, which accesses the language.current setting through navigator.mozSettings)
  • "deprecated-hwvideo":{},
  • "audio-channel-content":{},
  • "systemXHR":{}

The application needs access to both pictures and videos. This is because when you take a video with the Camera app, it will also create a poster image and store that image in the pictures storage. When the Video app deletes a video, that poster image is also deleted, hence the requirement on readwrite to pictures.

The access to Settings is questionable and only used for keeping track of the locale. See the bugs filed for that in the Actions & Recommendations section.

The systemXHR permission was required to make a call to the YouTube API which is no longer used. This permission should be removed.

Web Activity Handlers

The application makes the following activities available to other apps:

  • view - To let third party applications play video files in a standard UI.

The code handling view is in js/view.js. It only knows how to play movies that you reference by type. The following types are supported: video/webm video/mp4 video/ogg video/3gpp.

  • pick - To select a video. Supported types: video/* video/webm video/mp4 video/ogg video/3gpp
  • open - To launch a video. Supported types: video/webm video/mp4 video/ogg video/3gpp

Web Activity Usage

The app calls the following Web Activities:

  • configure - To open the media storage panel when the default storage is unavailable
  • record - To launch the Camera app
  • share - To send a video, eg. by SMS or Email

Notable Event Handlers

Code Review Notes

1. XSS & HTML Injection attacks

No XSS or Injection vulnerabilities have been found in the code. innerHTML is used in thumbnail_item.js and thumbnail_date_group.js with escaped input.

2. Secure Communications

3. (Secure) data storage

Two data storage APIs are used:

  • The DeviceStorage API is used to manage the video files on the SD Card
  • The IndexDB API is used to manage the metadata of the video files (key frame/thumbnail)

All the code to do this is contained in /shared/js/mediadb.js.

4. Denial of Service

5. Use of Privileged APIs

  • DeviceStorage - used to access the video and image (posters) files
  • Settings - used by shared/js/l10n.js to keep track of locale changes
  • SystemXHR - no longer used

The usage of Settings API is questionable. See the bugs filed for that in the Actions & Recommendations section.

6. Interfaces with other Apps/Content

7. Oddities

Security Risks & Mitigating Controls

Actions & Recommendations

  • bug 932795 SystemXHR permission should be removed.

The application unnecessarily has access to all system settings. This is an issue with the Settings API that should be improved in a future version of Firefox OS:

  • bug 841071 Settings are globally shared between applications
  • bug 841196 Applications should stop using settings permission to just get locale info