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Once the bugs are fully triaged, there should be:

  • a priority on each bug
  • nothing with tp-needsrepro
  • no webcompat bugs linked to the trackingprotection meta bug

Initial triage

As bugs come into the Firefox::Tracking Protection component, the bug triage owner should follow these steps:

  1. Move misplaced bugs into the right component:
    • Platform bugs should be moved into Toolkit::Safe Browsing
    • Server-side bugs should be moved into Cloud Services::Server: Shavar
  2. Breakage bugs should block one of these meta bugs:
    • tppaywall if TP is triggering a paywall / adblocker detection script (e.g. FuckAdBlock)
    • tpvideo if TP is blocking the playing of videos
    • tplogin if TP is breaking the login/registration flow of a site (including SSO providers)
    • tpimages if TP is blocking necessary/useful images (excluding display ads)
    • tpcomments if TP is blocking the display of comments
    • trackingprotection otherwise
  3. Close paywall-related bugs as WONTFIX (look at this comment for an example).
  4. Add the tp-entitylist whiteboard tag if the breakage could be mitigated by expanding the entity whitelist to linked domains owned by the same organization.
  5. Add the tp-needsrepro whiteboard tag if the problematic resource is not mentioned in the bug (see next section).
  6. For feature requests and bugs that require a product decision:
    1. Tag with the tp-product whiteboard tag.
    2. NEEDINFO :pdol with a suggested decision (typically P3 or WONTFIX).
  7. Set a priority on the bug:
    • tp-needsrepro: P3
    • tp-product: --
    • tp-entitylist: P2

Reproducing bugs

Someone looking at the tp-needsrepro bugs should:

  1. Ensure the URL of the broken page is in the URL field
  2. Close any unreproducible bugs with WORKSFORME.
  3. Mark bugs that have the same root cause (e.g. Facebook videos are blocked on site X) as DUPLICATE of one another.
  4. Find the blocked resource(s) responsible for the breakage (using uMatrix) and add it to the user story field.
  5. Tag bugs with the category that causes the breakage in the whiteboard field (use this mapping for Twitter, Google and Facebook resources in the Disconnect category):
    • tp-ads for the Advertising category
    • tp-analytics for the Analytics category
    • tp-social for the Social category
    • tp-content for the Content category (only part of the strict list)
  6. Remove the tp-needsrepro tag.
  7. Move the bug to Tech Evangelism: Desktop and reset the priority to --.