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Firefox Hello (aka Loop) is being shutdown from Firefox 49.
These pages serve as an archive and reference.


Loop Project Checklist Page


  • High level diagram:

Loop diagram.png

Important Dates

  • [ON TRACK] 2014-04-14 :: Review MVP User Stories
  • [ON TRACK] 2014-04-25 :: Definition of user flows, architecture & API confirmed for how authentication will work
  • Milestones TBD
  • [ON TRACK] Week of May 19th: Work Week in Paris with TEF
  • [ON TRACK] June 3 - 5 : Work week with TokBox focused on Product roadmap and Marketing
  • Hello Cross-Team Planning Calendar

Project Contacts


How will you know things are working? What problems does this solve?

Use Cases

Loop MVP User Stories

MVP Loop

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
1078286 -- Lenovo X1 carbon 34xx default camera driver not working with WebRTC video REOPENED

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Engineering Meeting Notes


  • List of requirements

Get Involved

Call to action for folks who want to help.


Points of Contact


Please see the Cloud Services UX wiki for more information.

API Reference/Documentation


Platform Requirements

What are the things this needs (OS, language, databases, etc.)?

Libraries Required

<i>List of external project dependencies. (Stuff that's not pulled in via the installation script)

Code Repository

Links to the published code bases

Release Schedule

Predicted code delivery dates


Points of Contact

Test Framework

Security and Privacy

Fill out the security & privacy bug template: (

For security reviews, there's:

Points of Contact

Questionnaire Answers

1.1 Goal of Feature

2. Potential Threat Vectors and Mitigation Points

Review Status

Bugzilla Tracking # - see

Issues and Resolutions


Points of Contact


Points of Contact

Deployment Architecture

Bugzilla Tracking # -

Escalation Paths

Lifespan Support Plans

Logging and Metrics

Points of Contact

Tracking Element Definitions

Data Retention Plans

Dashboard URL

Customer Support

Points of Contact

Sumo Tags

Review Meeting

Documentation Internationalization