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Weave API Response Codes

200 OK -- Returned on a successful request. Note that this does not guarantee that the server has done anything - deleting a nonexistent object will return a 200. The request body will contain the data expected from the transaction or a timestamp associated with the action.

400 Bad Request -- Will be returned if there was an error in the client's request. Details of the request will be contained in the body code:

Code Description
1 Illegal method/protocol
2 Incorrect/missing captcha
3 Invalid/missing username
4 Attempt to overwrite data that can't be overwritten (such as creating a userid that already exists)
5 Userid must match account in path (if set in config)
6 Json parse failure
7 Missing password field
8 Invalid Weave Basic Object
9 Requested password not strong enough
10 Invalid/missing password reset code
11 Unsupported function

401 Unauthorized -- Valid username and password required.

404 Not Found -- Returned if the user does not exist. Body does not contain anything useful.

412 Precondition Failed -- Returned if data in the collection has been updated since the timestamp specified in the X-If-Unmodifed-Since http header.

503 Service Unavailable -- An internal error (storage failure). Please try back again later. Some explanation may be available in the body.