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Notes from mcoates:

Just got a new phone that can run firefox (yay) and am setting up a new sync account to get it all working. I had a few comments on the usability/workflow Master Password
1. Went to FF (beta 6) and hit "Set Up Firefox Sync" and then "Create new account"
2. I received a dropdown box that asks me to enter a Master Password. I think this would be very confusing to a new user and they would ask the following:
What is this password for?
The wording implies I already have this master password? - Which is true, but some context to remind the user what this is would be helpful
What is a "Software Security Device" Setting Up the Browser
  • I already have a sync account. But I don't have it setup in this browser (or any other browser). The first screen gives me two options "Create a new account" or "Connect" (I already have a Firefox Sync Account).
    * The second option is the logical choice for my scenario
    1. I hit connect and am prompted with "Add a device" and the jpake codes. This doesn't make sense in this flow. I am expecting a page to enter my username and password that I've stored for sync.
    2. I can hit "I don't have the device with me" to see a username/password page, but that still isn't intuitive, because I do have "the device" with me. It's the browser I'm trying to setup.
I actually stopped here in the process because I'd like to use my mozilla email address, but no longer have the sync key. I figured I'd totally delete the account and just start over (not sure if that actually would work, but if not, its a likely thought process users would have).

There are probably pieces of information that would explain why the above design choices were made, but I wanted to provide this feedback from a "new user" that isn't as familiar with sync in order to help show where usrs may be confused when navigating through the process the first time.

Notes from ibai:

As last week, here is a report with the major highlights around Firefox Sync at SuMo and Input.Mozilla. This week the volume of threads has been smaller, with 34 threads in SuMo and 68 inputs compared to 40 and 77. Again, this is an small sample, but the feedback is quite consistent.
- Server errors.
21% of the threads are created about issues with the servers. Users get different types of errors and time outs. As discussed we are suggesting that they should back up their data and reset their account after creating a bug so the team can track what’s happening. This is the top issue week after week and it’s stable around 20%.
- Users don’t know/understand the set up process: This week 18% of the threads were related to the set up process. Plenty of users complain they can’t see their “Manage account” or “Add device” link/menu in their tab. This is probably caused by a broken flow while starting the set-up in the phone. I’m following up by explaining how to set up their account in their desktop browser, but none has followed back so my theory is not confirmed (i.e. there could be a bug that doesn’t show those buttons). Some examples:
- Login issues: A handful (12%) of users are complaining that they can’t access their account either because they have forget their username or password. Some of them are aware of it and some others believe they are using the right one. We could increase the visibility of the Services account in the Browser UI to facilitate the password reset. Some examples:
- Confused with behavior / Not clear what it does: 9% of the users have questions about how Sync works. Does it merge bookmarks? Does it override them? Does it sync instantly? etc. We could create more educational material and make it visible. The 2 major highlights from Input are:
- Syncing errors and slow downs.
- Confusion from users that are upgrading their browser to FX6 and believe they are losing Sync because the Add-On is not compatible. or This should be address as part of the EOL project plan.
As usual you can find more buckets here: Let me know if you have ideas about this or you will like to see something else in the report.