Socorro:Brownbag Postmortem

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  • Should present graphs with both time and buildid
  • Multiple builds in the same graph
  • Is graphing by buildid only useful for development builds?
  • Buildid maps to version but buildids > versions
  • Haven't done prereleases of point releases before

Top changers

  • Should be by percentage not rank
  • Change relative to itself (did it double? change in percentage of the whole?)
  • Input from Ken about best way to represent
  • (Informational dashboard design ebook from rdoherty)


  • We need to get it out ASAP
  • Search for all, browser hangs, plugin hangs
  • Search all OOPP,browser only,plugin only, regardless of hang or not
  • SQL slow, needs input from timellis
  • Consider adding a column to the reports table (should be simplest solution, makes the table wide but it's going away soon)