SoftwareTesting:2006-06-26 Brainstorm

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Dave's initial notes

  • jsunit
  • cxxtest (based on reco from
  • foxunit
  • extension to dump l10n config to file/stdout
  • extension to test url and search box stuff
  • port of fit to firefox/javascript
  • port of jsunit to chrome
  • port of jssh to workable extension
  • standardize assertion function names
  • review and revise necko tests (cpp mostly)
  • xpcshell-simple move to standard names
  • jssh-driver and other python stuff
  • eclipse/java-xpcom test integration?
  • integration of filesystem walker code from toolkit/components/feeds
  • integrate external test suites (dojo/mochi)
  • profile-creation code fron tinderbox/spider)
  • reporting framework
  • work with bc on existing tests
  • visual diff tests (roc's stuff, ideas from pav,dbaron)
  • docs and evangelism for existing harnesses