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  • Put common elements of necko and content test harness files in to one directory
  • modify existing test cases to use common files
  • write one simple test case using common harness
  • search for test case ideas
    • bugs found by smoketest
    • test cases written by timeless
    • other non-security test cases in bugzilla
    • ask module owners for ideas for tests
    • ask release folks for ideas for tests

Description of new test file layout

  • module/test/
    • - like tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/example/
    • unit/ - files will be installed in dist/bin/module_name/
      • head_*.js - code to run before the test(s)
      • tail_*.js - code to run after the test(s)
      • test_*.js - test code
  • installed in dist/bin
  • head.js and tail.js installed in dist/bin/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/
  • log files end up in dist/bin/module_name/

Info needed

  • build system (makefile-fu) to check out tools/test-harness/xpcshell-simple with current projects
  • build system (makefile-fo) to install in dist/bin, head.js and tail.js in dist/bin/test-harness/xpcshell-simple/