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(see 343673)


What is a �unit”? It can be a module, a class, a method or even a single block of code. Any encapsulation can be considered a unit and is up to the developer to define. A test asserts that a piece of code evaluates to true. A suite of tests can be written to test correctness of the unit.


  1. Create base MinUnit headers in mozilla/testing
  2. Implement example MinUnit Unit Tests
  3. Create CppUnitLite in mozilla/testing
  4. Implement example CppUnitLite Unit Tests
  5. Create CxxTest in mozilla/testing
  6. Implement example CxxTest Unit Tests
  7. Reporting mechanism / framework
  8. Tinderbox?


  1. cvs access
  2. discussions to find and create more tests
  3. reporting mechanism still TBD
  4. testing platform still TBD