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Test Overviews and Results

(from Firefox:2.0_QA_Activities:L10n_Test_Plan:TrademarkResults)

l10n Verification Tools


The l10n Verification Tools are a suite of Python scripts that analyze the contents of various pieces of source code and compare them to the rules described in the L10n Requirements document. These are considered a "static" tool meaning that they check the source file contents before build-time. What Firefox does to these entries after startup is to be verified by a dynamic checker. The tools are currently invoked manually from a command line against a local CVS repository.

Source code:

Properties Checker

The Search Properties Checker compares the contents of the file for each locale to check that for all locales, Google is specified as the first search engine and default search engine name, and, where appropriate, Yahoo! is listed second. If a locale is in a listed exception (CJKT), Yahoo! is listed first and Google second.


  • RSS feed handler checking (this week)

Search Plugin Checker

The Search Plugin Checker currently lists all search plugins included for each locale. This output can be used to verify the list against known requirements per locale.


  • Check each locale's search plugins against a list of known, good search plugins.
  • Verify contents of search plugins for validity (This week)
  • Where appropriate, include checks for Amazon, Answers, Creative Commons and Ebay. Others specific to locale can be included. (Today)

Bookmarks Verifier

Bookmarks Verifier

The Bookmarks Verifier currently checks to see that each included bookmark includes the locale-string within it. The requirement specifies that bookmarks should be of the form: http://%LOCALE%.address/%LOCALE%/path. Bookmarks that don't pass this criteria are marked as a failure. The Bookmarks Verifier will also dump a complete list of included bookmarks for manual verification.


  • loosen test to allow websites to include en-US bookmarks or a set of acceptable fall-backs
  • expand test to include RSS livefeed verification
  • quicksearches currently not included in this release, may be in future.



  • Live check <<== !RC
  • static test <<== RC, New component, This week if time permits

email from timr


Here are the notes I promised you. Overall we were looking for 4 dynamic (live) tests and 3 static tests. Se rough notes from our meeting below. Let me know the status of these 7 tests. Like: Done, ETA, Can't do.

Thanks, Tim


L10n Requirements Analysis Robcee, davel, timr ~8/28/06

Search engine

  • "professional" test - by approver
  • region.props - static test done for yahoo and google DONE
    • need to extend to other 4 engines <<== RC, ETA Today
  • New tool for live search string check remind me what this is again? Default search engine? If so, DONE
    • start with recorder <<== RC (Davel?)
    • then later automate
    • get this out of the plug-in

Visual - that yahoo search results in yahoo search results page


  • URL live test <<== RC,
  • Respin
  • Visual on fire
    • not quality of suggest
    • input encoding affects URL? UTF-8
      • What is UTF-16 - future test
    • No locale in search suggest????
    • Yahoo suggest - what should "da" be falling back to

Do we have an agreement woth Seznam in poland?

Start page

  • from region properties <<== RC, ETA This week
    • this is fully constructed
    • Will be constructed - need live test <<== RC
      • One time live test - try 5 char locale and 2 char local
      • no visual test

May need inter-op test with venders


  • visual first check
  • can static test of the correct urls <<== RC, Partially working, ETA Useable now


  • no requirements

RSS feed handlers

  • static test <<== RC, ETA This week


  • Live check <<== !RC
  • static test <<== RC, New component, This week if time permits