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Software Update "Feature Complete" Task List

Darin Fisher

  • Mac Updater UI (spawn callback, quit app loop)
  • Win32 registry "healing" after update (necessary when we change product name or bump version from 1.0+ to 1.1)
  • Make restarter work properly (have temporary solution checked in)
  • Tune Downloader (this may involve giving AUS a way to control bandwidth)
  • Deal with conditionally updating optional components: DOM inspector, talkback, etc. (See bug 299021)
  • Updater exe should use an icon for taskbar display on Windows.

Ben Goodger

  • [b1] major memory leak on balsa
  • [b1] restore background update checking for Extensions
  • [b1] mac UI is really broken (wizard pages don't fit, wrong window features, modality snafu, etc)
  • [b1] resurrect background extension update
  • [b1] add additional extension update checks to update process to avoid showing UI if at all necessary
  • [b1] other bugfixing
  • [a2] UI weirdness - bogus wizard state
  • [a2] prompt on patch application error/install success
  • [a2] comprehensive system test
  • [a2] failover to complete download on patch application failure
  • pretty up history list
  • make update history list not show multiple entries for single updates
  • make update history list not show zombie entries
  • remove "More Details>>" button from notification page
  • Administration locking
  • Fix pause/resume UI updating
  • user accepts license once then download begins, app quits, user must accept license again on next check
  • Fix downloading page to show secs remaining, update within first few seconds, show ??.? for KBRate before determination
  • Finish notification page (incompatible extensions)
  • Edge case UI - transfer failure, etc.
  • update service must clean out failed or applied updates!
  • ensure randomness of update checking / timer firing
  • update window should be dependent
  • ensure we aren't sending spurious pings/downloads
  • Resurrect verification of partial failover to complete

ETA - 10d for DPb1

Mike Morgan

  • AUS Lite server app development
  • sample update URL to use in about:config
  • Bouncer 2 modifications -> AUS 1.0
    • Modify database to account for update->patch relationships
    • Create main script, much like auslite, that pulls information from Bouncer v2.0 database and generates proper XML output for all possible combinations of updates.

ETA - 08/03

Chase Phillips

alpha 2

  • track build config changes by others here fixing blockers and ensure build systems mirror changes
  • ensure mirrors treat .mar as binary file (publish as application/octet-stream)

alpha 2 + 2 weeks

  • package update and integrate build systems with AUS
  • investigate unset TARGET_XPCOM_ABI on atlantia
    1. Is this a general issue with Mac OS X PowerPC? Hopefully not.
    2. Bug on file with fix pending landing once approval granted

Benjamin Smedberg

  • MAR using packages-static