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wrong template used for Thunderbird releases, can't edit myself
I have downloaded the latest Fennec build on to my Nexus 5 running Android L. On the launch of Nightly build it simply launches the browser and crashes.
: That's definitely not the right place here to discuss this, though. --[[User:Rsx11m|Rsx11m]] ([[User talk:Rsx11m|talk]]) 11:36, 8 November 2014 (PST)
==Thunderbird front-page banner==
This doesn't work for Thunderbird as it's releases are coming from the ESR branch (except .7.x and .8.x):
{{TbBannerRelease|version={{ESR_VERSION}}.{{#expr:{{RELEASE_VERSION}} - {{ESR_VERSION}}}}.0|gecko={{ESR_VERSION}}|date={{FIREFOX_RELEASE_DATE|{{FIREFOX_RELEASE_VERSION}}}}}}
Please change accordingly. --[[User:Rsx11m|Rsx11m]] ([[User talk:Rsx11m|talk]]) 11:36, 8 November 2014 (PST)

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