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Specialist Programs & Funding Programs:
* [ Research Grants & Sponsorships] - For universities, labs and research-focused registered non-profits working to make the internet a better place.
* [ Mozilla Awards] - For open source projects that contribute to Mozilla’s work and to the health of the Internet.
* [ Mozilla's Open Source Support Awards]- provide catalytic funding to open source technologists.
* [ Student Internships] - For university/college students looking to intern with Mozilla.
* [ Outreachy] - For members of under-represented groups who want to intern in free and open source software.
* [ Open Source Student Network] - A Network of university and college Clubs and students who are passionate about Open Source and eager to learn about, contribute to and create Open Source projects.
* [ Developer Engagement Events] - for people seeking speakers or sponsorship for developer-oriented events.
Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the conversations on [ the Mozilla Discourse].

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