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Mozilla's Localization Home
Now that you know what this wiki is all about, it's time to ask yourself this question: where do you want to go from here?
*[ '''I wanna get involved!'''].
*Do you want to learn about all of the elements of the Mozilla L10n process?         Visit the [ '''I want to understand how to Mozilla L10n overviewworks.'''].
*Do you want to see if your locale has a Mozilla L10n community?         Look for it in the [ '''Mozilla L10n communities directoryI want to see if there's already a community for my locale.'''].
*Do you want to check on the status of current L10n community projects?         Look for your L10n and project on the [ '''Mozilla I want to see what's being done in my L10n dashboardscommunity.'''].
*Do you want to learn about what the Mozilla L10n team is working on?         Check it out on the [ '''I want to know what the Mozilla L10n team workspaceis working on.'''].
*Do you just need to find a quick resource?         Visit our list of quick [ '''I'm looking for some quick L10n resources.'''].
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