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Squash is a patch generation tool to assist with Gecko:DeCOMtamination. This blog post describes how to use squash.

Squash: refactoring tool

  • Quickly produce large refactoring patches
  • Automate parts of deCOMtamination: class squashing & out-param rewriting (in the near future)
  • Helps replace deprecated APIs at call-sites & function renaming
  • Could be integrated into any editor to do eclipse-style refactoring.
  • Has a web frontend.
  • Since the squash isn't tied to an IDE, it should evolve quicker. If you discover a boring rewrite task that could be implement as an algorithm - it maybe easier to extend squash than to perform it by hand.
  • FIXME: CPP causes blind-spots in the code.
  • FIXME: Lack of precise source locations in parts of the AST.