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The following template may help, but it is not compulsory that you use it.

Please make the title of your application exactly the same as the title of the project on the Ideas List (if you are applying to do one of our ideas). This helps us sort, and makes sure your proposal doesn't get overlooked.

Good proposals should clear, brief and concise. You should feel free to use the space you need, but our experience has been projects that take eight to ten pages or more to describe cannot reasonably be delivered and shipped in the time GSOC allows.

Personal Details

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Matrix ID, if you have one:
  • Telephone:
  • Other contact methods:
  • Country of residence:
  • Timezone:
  • Primary language:

Project Proposal

Which project are you applying to do? If the project idea contains several options, say which ones you are going to pick. Explain, at a high level, what you hope to achieve in the time. You need to show you understand what is required. Describe any work or research on this project you have already done.

Schedule of Deliverables

What are the milestones and deliverables for your project? You will be assessed against these. Note that we prefer realism to extravagant claims of possible achievement, and the more concrete, the better. Also, please give us some idea of how you decided how long each part would take.

Do you have any other commitments during the GSoC period? How will they affect your work?

Open Source Development Experience

Any experience you have, even a few bug reports or some tiny 2-line patch to something obscure. Please give links to online examples of your code, if you have any.

Work/Internship Experience

Anything relevant to the project, or related to browsers, web design or software development.

Academic Experience

What you're studying in university/college (even if it doesn't seem relevant), why you chose it, and how you're doing.

Why Me

Tell us, with reference perhaps to the information above, why you in particular are the right person to pick for this project. Note that everyone claims to be enthusiastic and hard working; that's probably not enough on its own.

Why Mozilla

Tell us why you chose to apply to us in particular.