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Proposed Outline

Hosted by Zach and Coop

  • Where we are with Litmus and QAC
  • Prioritized list of where we want to go with it
  • What's helpful for other projects besides Firefox?
  • Taking QAC to the next level

Session Notes

Litmus development work is moving under the Mozilla webdev umbrella sometime in the next month. In the near term, nothing will change because webdev is overtaxed. However, this will be a *much* better situation for Litmus development in the longer term.

Top priorities for Litmus development

  1. testcase tagging: this would resolve several open bugs (bug 314942,bug 349739,bug 375987) and has been a longstanding top request
  2. ability to localize the interface and content: in a similar manner to AMO, a localized version of the interface or a given testcase is displayed for an l10n tester, with en-US content being served by default when no localized content is available. This would help l10n testing tremendously.

Top priorities for QAC development

  • make the notification code work so that the QA team can start using it to push notifications to testers. bug 449224

Other Notes

  • QAC
    • allow for localization
    • enable installation in other products (Thunderbird, Sunbird)
    • auto-create accounts in bugzilla/litmus
    • use regression bug IDs or summary to populate the bugzilla tab with potentially relevant bugs
  • Litmus
    • add links to reporter/Hendrix
    • non-admin test creation and editing
    • add an admin category for l10n test coordinators
    • add stats for top climbers/top testers in the last week
    • improved result matrix for test run report, include roll-up stats by platform, etc. instead of just the result coverage breakdown by testcase
    • simplify interface to avoid confusing users
  • Both
    • serve random tests, potentially weighted by coverage
    • force comments on test failures/unclear
    • auto-file bugs for failures