Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/AMO: Editorial Process

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AMO Editorial Process

Session Leaders: Basil Hashem & Justin Scott


AMO operates successfully due in large part to a dedicated set of volunteers called "AMO Editors". These community members maintain the high-quality bar for add-ons by reviewing all submissions for functionality, security, overall quality, etc...

This will be a 2-part session: current state of the union and then brainstorm/discussion.

Slides from the Session


Part I : State of the Union

  • What is the role of an AMO Editors?
  • What does the current process look like?
  • What are some of the current issues for editors?

Part II : Brainstorm

  • How should the process change?
  • What can we do to maintain the quality?
  • How can we make it easier for editors?
  • What tools do editors need to be successful
  • How do we recruit more editors?

Equipment Needed

  • Projector, Microphones