Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/Firefox 3 in Japan

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Session Title

Firefox 3.0 marketing activities at Japan

Session Leaders

  • Shigeru Yoshitake (Mozilla Japan)


Japan team shares its marketing activities to expand awareness and share of web browser around Fx3 release date in Japan. Some of them are very unique staffs, and I'm exciting to introduce other challenging programs to attendees.


  • overview of Japan marketing activities with Fx3 release
    • Press event
    • Release party with Sound of Firefox download (Special mock-up)
    • Light of Firefox download on web(a.k.a Tomoshibi)
    • John Lilly's special interviews.
    • Guinness donwload day feedback
    • New Web site and Japanese add-on manager
    • Firefox note for universities.
    • Japan train channel with commercial video.
    • others.
  • Next plan beyond Fx3 events
  • Q&A

Estimated length

  • 30 minutes including Q&A session

Expected turnout

  • 20 or 30 people

Equipment needs

  • Projector