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Session Title

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Mozilla In India: SpreadFirefox and More

Estimated Audience Size

20-30 people

Estimated Run Time

60 minutes

Equipment Requirements


All About Mozilla In India: SpreadFirefox and More

Currently, we have a group of passionate localizers working towards seeing Firefox in Indian languages such as Gujarati and Bengali. And while having Firefox in Indian languages is great, what can Mozilla's strategy in India be about? This discussion (arun and sethb) will

  • Discuss l10n in India. What set people off and made them let off steam, and what can we do better going forward?
  • Cover what happened at and ask about sessions for . Must be community or participation focused -- no presentations!
  • Discuss some of our "platform strategy" in India to wean people away from using proprietary technologies. In particular:
    • Check out what India's President once said to Bill Gates
    • Despite the above, ISVs still flock to MSFT certification, including the eGovernance project, which uses MHTML...
    • What should our tools story be?
      • Firebug, Venkman, DOMInspector, select editors?
    • What kinds of applications are people building, and do they know about web standards?
    • Discuss our strategy to interview Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consulting
    • Discuss our strategy for workshops in Pune and Bangalore
    • And... ask you for help :-)