Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/Growth in Asia

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Session Title

Growing Mozilla in Asia

Session Leaders

  • Gen Kanai


With Firefox growing past 20% in the US and past 30% in Europe, Mozilla's next focus needs to be on Asia, South Asia, SE Asia and Asia-Pacific. How should Mozilla best grow our community of users in the part of the world where we have traditionally lagged?

NOTE: This discussion will not cover Japan or China or India specifically as those topics are addressed in separate presentations.


  • Overview of Asian Internet trends
  • Current situation in specific Asian locales
    • Specific focus on areas where Mozilla has active communities or localizations
    • Indonesia
    • Korea
    • Mongolia
    • Taiwan
    • Sri Lanka
    • others including Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more
  • Open discussion

Estimated length

  • 60 minutes

Expected turnout

  • 40 people

Equipment needs

  • Projector