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Session Title

Light of Firefox

Session Leaders

  • Dr. Yasuaki Kakeshi + Daisuke Akatsuka + Tomoko Hashida + Shiho Hirayama


“Tomoshibi” is the Japanese word for light or lamplight. The “Sounds of Tomoshibi” is an installation art piece which uses web access information to produce imagery and sounds. This piece uses the download information for Firefox 3 released on 18 June 2008. Visualization of the download information allows for a completely new experience where physical perception is introduced into a medium where it only existed in text form previously. Furthermore, we believe that this experience can lead to new discoveries that were previously difficult using only information in text form.

Points are plotted onto the map of Japan based on the broad regional coordinates of the access points used to download Firefox 3, the points clash with scanning lines on the map to create patterns of light that simultaneously produce sound. The plotted points become musical notes for the performer. The music and imagery can be arranged by performing actions on the map such as altering the scanning lines, rotating the map, and zooming. This connects the on-site performer with people who have downloaded the browser, for them to become collaborators across space and time, making it possible to create brand new sounds and imagery. Listen to the musical performance while experiencing the collaboration between the performer and the people downloading the new Firefox.


  • presentation on the concept of "Light of Firefox
  • presentation on the development of "Light of Firefox"
  • Q&A

Estimated length

  • 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and demo; 10 minutes Q&A)

Expected turnout

  •  ?? people (unsure but this may be a Summit-wide presentation)

Equipment needs

  • Projector & PA/sound