Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/Localizing Firefox 3

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A review of Firefox 3 with discussion on what happened, what could have been done better, what we'll do differently going forward.

Development and Release Management


  • recap sprint through the releases
  • webservices
  • websites

QA Testing


  • improving the organization of testing activities and reporting testing results.
  • where are the weak areas and pain points for localization teams?
  • how can we get wider coverage on features and platforms?


  • release announcements, opt-in process
  • brainstorming and discussion on where testing work is organized across locale teams and how test cases are run and reported. brainstorming on improvements we need to QMO, QAC, Litmus, to help l10n teams, and engage more international testers.
  • discussion and exploration of tools and process that each localization team is using and how they can be leveraged and shared.
    • pt-PT testing tool demonstration?
    • project on Spanish portal which has some low end easy testing questions,