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Localizing Thunderbird 3

The purpose of this session is to get current (and future) Thunderbird localizers together, discuss the upcoming major release and get feedback from them.

Topics could include

  • L10n-related changes in Thunderbird 3
    • Integration of Lightning (Calendar)
    • ...
  • Feedback from localizers
    • What can we learn from the Firefox 3 l10n experience
      • What should we emulate?
      • What should we do different?
      • ...
    • How much process (approval, release preparation) do we need?
    • How can we improve the localizability (l12y) of Thunderbird 3?
      • What are the major roadblocks that block the l10n quality and user experience (UX) in your language? (e.g. Fixed string sequences that should be made more flexible)
      • ...