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Session Title

Mozilla Foundation 2.0

Session Leaders

Frank Hecker and Mark Surman


Organized as an informal conversation, this session asks Mozilla community members: What should a Mozilla Foundation 2.0 look like? Community members will have a chance to share ideas on what they hope for and what they might contribute to the Foundation as it moves forward into the future. The session will also include a basic overview of how the Foundation fits into the overall Mozilla project.

Background Materials

About the Mozilla Foundation
Mozilla Foundation futures Friendfeed room

Who should come?

Any Mozilla community member interested in learning about and contributing to the work of the Mozilla Foundation.


1. Mozilla Foundation 101: facts and structure (Hecker)

2. Circles of community, and a conversation about the future (Surman)

3. What should a Mozilla Foundation 2.0 look like? (everyone)

  • What concrete things do you expect from Mozilla Foundation?
  • Who are the communities Mozilla Foundation should be serving?
  • What do you want to contribute to the work Mozilla Foundation will do?

4. Report back: best ideas and offers for help (discussion hosts)