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Session Title

Open Source PR: Sharing the Story

Session Leaders

  • Nicole Loux
  • Melissa Shapiro


The session will cover why we interact with different types of media, how Mozilla's approach to PR differs from traditional technology companies, how our unusual tactics help press grok Mozilla and ultimately result in more comprehensive media coverage. Using PR case studies from 2008 as examples, we'll discuss how we manage a launch, handle security fire drills, and address the gray areas around correction requests.

We'll have a few slides but are hoping to turn the session into an active discussion around what Open Source PR looks like and how we can drive innovation in our PR practice at Mozilla.

Estimated length

1 hour

Expected turnout

60 people


  • Intro to PR
  • PR Case Studies
    • FF3
    • Security
    • Redactions/retractions/corrections
  • Discussion

Equipment needs

  • Projector