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Session Title

Problems people find using Firefox and how to solve them (or at least how to try to)

Session Leaders

Iacopo Benesperi (iacchi)


Mozilla made (and makes) a very big effort to receive users' feedback about how Firefox is growing up and how good they think support is in their own language.
Since the Italian community is one of the most active in this way, I thought to use my experience to report the everyday problems Italian users find using Firefox.

I think that looking at the Italian situation we can get some indications about users' problems in general, so we have a good analisys of what we have to do to improve the so called "user experience".
Usually (at least some) users know what they need, and what they like or don't like. I think that to make Firefox really user-centered we should pay attention to user request, even if this means reintroduce some old functionality now removed or develop some new functionality not planned.

Since I have to deal with these problems almost everyday, I had time to think some possible solutions to the problems reported, and I show the best ones.


  • Very brief introduction of Mozilla Italia project
  • Presentation of the talk subject
  • Ideas exchange about what showed and the topic in general

I'd like to give a lot of space to the final point, first of all because the presentation is relatively short (we don't have so many problems!) and then because in this way every national team can share its own experience, so they can confirm my data and impressions or add some of their own.


Presentation file for curious people. Note: you should consider this file a draft (and it will updated later in July) until the talk begins!

Equipment needed