Summit2008/Sessions/Proposals/State of Spread Firefox

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Session Title

State of Spread Firefox

Session Leaders

Alix Franquet, Alex Polvi, Juliana Chea

Summary is the home of community marketing.

This session will provide a quick overview of the history of the site and its purpose. It will then present the current state of levels of community participation, current projects, current challenges. It will also describe the new affiliates program. Finally, the session will propose ideas for what the next version of the site could look like, and invite participants to a brainstorming session to define v3 better.

Questions for the brainstorming session include: how to improve usability of the site, how to increase community participation, is the site addressing the needs of non-English speakers (should it?).

Estimated length

Short talk followed by brainstorming session.

Equipment needs

  • Projector