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Firefox Support Knowledge Base Editor Requirements Document

The content of this page is a work in progress intended for review.

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Intuitive and simplified Knowledge Base article editor.


This PRD needs updating and clarifications.

  • WYSIWYG will not happen
  • Buttons to add screenshots/screencasts missing
  • Edit area should be resizable
  • Left-side column for labels should go away as it wastes space (the mockups imply this, but doesn't specifically say it)


  • When creating a new article, all options are available.
  • After an article has been created, only an admin can change the language.
  • When editing an article only locale leaders, approvers and admins can change an article category. (Staging area, Knowledge Base, Live Chat, etc.)
  • When editing a staging copy, category cannot be changed.

Fields that require entered data

  • Language
  • Summarize your edit and cite a reference


  • Language: drop-down menu to select language (unknown language not allowed)
  • Category:
    • Administration (only available to admins and locale leaders)
    • How to contribute (only available to admins, locale leaders, and approvers)
    • Live Chat
    • Knowledge Base (only available to admins, locale leaders, and approvers)
    • Staging Area
    • Sandbox/Testing Area
  • This article applies to:
    • Firefox 2 - The content of this article applies to users of Firefox 2.x.
    • Firefox 3.0 - The content of this article applies to users of Firefox 3.0.x.
    • Firefox 3.1 - The content of this article applies to users of Firefox 3.1
  • Type of article:
    • Help article - This article is a reference chart, tutorial, or a how-to article.
    • Troubleshooting article - This article is for solving a problem.
  • Summarize your edit and cite a reference:
    • Mark other translations as out of date (only available on English articles)

Toolbar items

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Wiki link
  • External link
  • Numbered list
  • List
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • Menu path
  • Button
  • Kbd
  • File name/path
  • Pref name/value
  • Code
  • Note
  • Warning
  • Insert Image (will pop up prompt for:)
    • Image uploader (mandatory)
    • Image height
    • Image width
    • Alignment
  • SHOWFOR (will trigger a drop-down, that includes:)
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Windows and Mac
    • Windows and Linux
    • Mac and Linux
    • –separator–
    • Firefox 3.1
    • Firefox 3.0
    • Firefox 3.0 and 3.1
    • Firefox 2
  • Dynamic Content (will trigger a drop-down that includes all content labels for the language assigned to the article)

Viewing options

Tabs at the bottom of content area will choose what you view.

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Source (if you want to edit the tikiwiki markup)


The top of the editor will contain a warning that content needs to be reviewed before being applied to the Knowledge Base, and provide links to best practices, style guide, and policies page.

Technical Requirements

  • WYSIWYG editor bug 454131
  • Adding and removing tags should not be part of the article editor
  • Dynamic content blocks should be part of the editor toolbar as a quickpaste function. bug 446078
  • Buttons on the editor toolbar for applying SHOWFOR. bug 446076
  • {SHOWFOR(spans=on)/} should be automatically applied to every article that uses the feature.
  • Create or find icons for the editor toolbar that are easily interpretable.
  • The image upload feature should be part of the editor toolbar, just like in Wordpress. bug 398767
  • The width of the content area should be 100% of available space; and default height should fill up a large portion of the average screen space, only leaving room for the toolbar. bug 446072
  • Get rid of the category selector on staging copies.
  • Relabel "Edit Summary" in editor and add something to it about citing a reference. bug 446070
  • Re-arrange items in editor bug 428073
  • Add links to best practices, style guide, and policies at the top of the editor bug 446071