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SUMO Productization for Fennec - Project Plan


  1. Audit code and make optional any dependencies on SUMO specific hardware and install options - 2 days - dev.
    • I don't think we have many, if any, but we need to be sure.
  2. Extract required database schema and data for an "empty install" - 3 days - dev
    • This consists of beginning with the base tiki install db, and adding to it any SUMO specific tables. There is also a set of actual data required for SUMO, including permissions, admin option setup, and admin modules where the code is in the database. I had a rough go at this just after the Summit last year, took me about a day to do a bad job at it.
  3. Create generic set of templates, with product name as a variable - 1 week - frontend dev
    • This is so that when the software is installed, it doesn't say "Mozilla Support". We can hack what we already have into this easily. Also need to remove links to Live Chat. Since the other groups we have talked to about this don't seem to want to use Live Chat to begin with, we should defer productization of that component (and make it an optional module when we do, with separate installer).
  4. Build admin interface for template configuration - 1 week - frontend dev
    • Depends on: 3
    • Need to be able to select and configure templates from the admin panel. Should be straightforward.
  5. Write install script (should cover database creation,,, any other needed items) - dev - 1 week
    • Depends on: 2, 3, 4
    • The goal is for users to be able to untar and ./ and be ready to go. The installer would need to take care of database user creation, locations of database server(s) and memcache servers (if used).
  6. Add a changelog to SUMO svn, listing changes from release to release - 5 minutes, plus 5 minutes for every commit.
  7. Define and test packaging process - 3 days - dev
    • Depends on: 5, 6
    • This is basically testing and documenting the method for creating a downloadable package, which would include checking out code, removing any inappropriate files (.svn etc), reverting to defaults where needed.
  8. Define process for upgrade from one version to another (after product 1.0, thinking time 2-3 days, dev)
    • For each packaged release, we'll need to create a tarball. If there are database changes, we will also need to create a database upgrade/downgrade script.
  9. Document install process (1 day - dev + QA)
    • Depends on: 7
  10. Document administrative tasks where they differ from base Tiki (3 days - SUMO team)
  11. Create list of KB articles to use as starting point, and extract required database data (Fennec specific, 3-4 days, SUMO team)
  12. Create templates for Fennec (2-3 weeks, depending on brief and outsourcing availability, outsourced)

Critical dependency path for development: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9


  • QA time: 1-2 weeks, depending on availability of stephend and kruparaj.
  • Total time to deliver: 6-7 weeks including QA

Resource plan

  • Project lead: Laura
  • Once we have delivered SUMO 1.1.1 (May 28), Eric can commence work on the critical path dev items. This puts delivery into August.
  • Design work needs to be outsourced ASAP, John Slater to advise.
  • Front end work to be done by Paul C, not heavy, should fit around his metric dashboard work. May need additional supplementation from webdev (rdoherty?)
  • SUMO team work to be done by Chris + Cheng