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Top priority for freeze as these will affect large chunks of documentation

  • Firefox Menu [some changes coming, mostly behavioral, can start but screenshots are likely to change]
  • App Tabs [only change left is to make navigating to external websites result in new tabs being launched]
  • Notifications [lots of visual change left, hooking up to various notification tasks]
  • Panorama (Tab groups) [basically done, small visual tweaks coming]
  • Sync UI and set up process [totally changing, avoid documenting at this time]
  • Loss of status bar [done]
  • New Safe Mode UI [the addition of a menuItem is done; haven't gotten the shortcut change done yet, but hope to soon]
  • Are there going to be new (eg, server not found) error messages?

Second priority for freeze as these will affect sizable amounts of documentation

  • Tabs on top (may need it earlier for screenshots) [basically done, some visual tweaks coming on Windows/Linux]
  • Links have URLs show up in the address bar [done, some visual tweaks coming]
  • Non-restart extensions [done, Add-Ons Manager UI changing visually a bunch in next little while, though]
  • Loss of bookmarks bar [done]
  • New location for about:support [done]
  • Add-ons manager [visually changing a lot in the next month or so]
  • Any changes to options [mostly in advanced > general and advanced > network]

Lowest priority for freeze as it results in minor documentation changes

  • Tab matching in awesomebar [done, some UI change potentially coming, but might not make it]
  • Hardware accelleration (and how to disable) [advanced > general]
  • WebM video [done]
  • Mac gestures (three finger swipe) [implemented, but we might not keep it]
  • Are we getting a permanent services menu?
  • Bar Tab-like behavior [done]
  • Restore Previous Session [done]
  • Page Loading UI -- the throbber/progress bar
  • Resizable text areas [done]