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Products & Content

  • [DONE] Update the top articles for Firefox 4 accounting for 90% of KB traffic (carryover from Q4, Michael/Cheng) Details
  • [DONE] Coordinate localization of Firefox 4 articles (Kadir): details
  • [DONE] Add 10 screencasts to top articles (carryover from Q4, Michael) Details
  • [DONE] Implement dedicated Firefox Sync and Firefox Home start pages (Michael/Cheng) Details
  • [MISSED] Re-write 5 top troubleshooting articles Michael Details


  • [DONE] Update all articles for Firefox 4 (Michael) Details
  • [DONE] Establish regular Mobile support metrics reporting (Michael)
  • [DONE] Implement small screen templates on SUMO (w/ Jason Grlicky, David/Michael)
  • [DONE] Restructure mobile KB (Michael)
    • [DONE] Merge some of the existing plain tutorials Details
    • [DONE] Add troubleshooting articles Details

Metrics & Optimization

  • [DONE] Automatic metrics dashboard (Cheng)
  • [AT RISK] KB Dashboard (most popular articles) (Cheng) Details
  • [AT RISK] Contributor dashboard Details


  • [DONE] Support Firefox Day (carryover, Cheng/Kadir) Details
  • Sprints around specific product & SUMO releases(Kadir/[cheng/michael/Matthew depending on sprint])
    • [DONE] Firefox 4 release: details
    • [DONE] Firefox 4 mobile release: details
    • [DROPPED] Groups and Accounts release: details
  • [ON TRACK] Work with Engagement on a plan for better community participation and reward (Kadir)
    • PRD+implementation of one of the means that is agreed upon: details


Non-goals (more like todo:s)

  • [DROPPED] Typography improvements for the KB (Michael) Details