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Feature Status ETA Owner
Identity SUMO Content Creation Working on initial concept 2011-09-30 Ibai Garcia


A set of articles and templates that explains the processes and potential issues of using Identity/Browser ID. The goal is to have an initial set ready with the Beta launch of the Service in Q3.


Who's working on this?

  • Goal Manager: Ibai Garcia
  • Lead Developer:
  • Product Manager: Dan Mills
  • UX:

Team list should make it clear who to ask about what, and who to ping when they're needed.


  • To draft, write and review SUMO articles to cover the "expected" most popular uses cases of Browser ID.
  • Set up an easy access to the content (i.e. link) so the beta users can find the information after the launch.

Project Plan

  1. Initial topic selection by Product and SuMo
  2. Propose list of topics and discuss with the Community
  3. Draft of the articles
  4. Finalize and review articles
  5. Decide with Product and UX how drive user with issues to support.
  6. Implement support path.


  • The goal for this quarter doesn't involve the full localization of the content.
  • This project doesn't aim to cover every possible issue but to have an initial collection of articles before the official launch.

Additional Documentation

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