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Existing support forum content should be reusable by users with the same problem

Problem statement/description

Today, we are creating 450 new threads from which 25% are resolved. This increases the corpus of troubleshooting content by 115 a week in top of our 200+ regular KB articles. The value of this content is only used by users who search.

For users who are browsing, we are not presenting the forum as an alternative (there’s no navigation to the forum, we are not linking to threads, etc). By making this an alternative to content to the 14k people a day who decided to browse instead of search we can increase the chances of helping more users.

Measurable outcome

While articles help 70% of the users who reads them, there’s still an opportunity to help the other 30%. Meaning that we can offer an alternative to 4K users a day or 1.5 Million a year.

In addition, a side effect is to increase the visibility of the forum as a community effort and attract new contributors who may start answering questions while looking for their own answer.

Possible Solutions:

Some Ideas:

  • Link to the forum view for solved questions.
  • Improve the forum tagging so it’s easy to auto-filter and auto-populate navigation pages with relevant solved threads.
  • We may want to explore how good threads that are not solved are to increase the reach of this goal.
  • Improve thread presentation/highlight valuable content
  • Spell checking so it also works better with search (i.e. people misspelling words make more difficult to find threads).
  • Create tags that will tell visitors if the content is relevant to their OS or not (i.e. This is Mac Only, etc).
  • Contextually to articles, related threads/see also/you might be interested in.