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Actionable Analytics Dashboard

Problem statement/description

We have a KPI dashboard that documents high level metrics in Kitsune, but we do not see the detailed information behind these metrics. While these numbers are valuable, they don't provide clearly actionable data. The most actionable data in the system right now is difficult and time consuming for our team to access.

Measurable outcome

  • Improved CTR
  • Improved Article Helpfulness scores
  • More actionable data
  • More easily accessible data

Possible Solutions:

Automated Reporting

Create a series of reports that are generated on a regular cadence (or as alerts) and sent to an email alias list. Users wanting to receive the reports can subscribe to the list. Each locale should have a unique set of reports. These reports could be:

  • Overall article helpfullness for individual locale
  • Least helpful articles with comments/scores
  • Top normalized searches with CTR
  • Searches with the lowest CTR
  • Navigation paths with the highest bounce/bail rate
  • Alerts for searches that are new to the top searches list
  • Alerts for articles that are taking massive helpfulness hits

Adhoc Reporting

  • Create a web interface where any contributor can run the above reports for any specific time period


Preferably we would be able to have both automated and adhoc reporting.