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The following special pages need to be implemented in Kitsune. They should end up roughly in priority-order.

Page URL Description Assignee
Home page /home The home page Paul
Mobile home page /mobile The mobile home page James
L10n Dashboard /localization Lists all unlocalized (from en-US) and out-of-date articles for the current locale. Erik
Contributor dashboard /contributors Information and links to tools for contributors, eg
  • Common actions
  • Unsolved questions
  • Recent forum/kbforum discussion
  • etc
Firefox home home page /firefox-home(?)
The mobile home page Dropped from 2.3
Chat /chat A page serving the Live Chat client. James
Review Queue (?) /kb/review (?) Lists all pages in a locale with unreviewed revisions. May not need to exist. Part of contributor dashboard
Media gallery /gallery Finding/creating media assets Paul
Templates /kb/templates (?) List of available templates Completed with the Templates category page
Category pages /kb/category/# (?) List of articles in a category Ricky
Tag pages /kb/tag/# (?) List of articles in a tag Ricky


At risk