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Ben: Article Edit

  1. Ben is contributing in a Firefox forum and sees a link to a KB article.
  2. He goes to the article and notices that the article does not contain a solution that he knows works, so he looks for a place to contact Mozilla.
  3. When noticing the feedback form, he sees a link to edit the page, and clicks on that.
  4. He is informed that in order to edit a page he has to login, but he isn't registered. He sees a quick way to register on the login page, so he spends 10 seconds registering.
  5. When registration is finished, he is taken to the article editor (editing the article he was at). He sees a textual representation of the article (markup), but picks a spot to insert his solution.
  6. He doesn't care about markup, and just inserts the text of his solution.
  7. He looks to submit his edit, and is asked to cite a reference for his solution. He adds a URL, and submits his edit.
  8. He is taken to a 'thank you' page, where he is told that his edit is awaiting approval, given links to other ways to contribute to the KB, and a link to the contributors forum. In addition, he is sent an email, informing him that his edit is awaiting approval.
  9. At a later time, he receives an email informing him that his edit was approved.

Ben: Article Discussion

  1. Ben is reading the Firefox Sync article and has an idea that he thinks will make it better.
  2. He switches to the "Discussion" view and is prompted to log-in or register in order to post or to continue without doing that in order to read-only.
  3. William decides to register, so he fills in a username, email and password and hits enter.
  4. He's automatically logged in and taken to the Firefox Sync discussion forum where he starts a new thread and posts his suggestion.
  5. Later when other contributors respond to his post he receives an email notification that includes the full text of the message and the ability to submit a reply via email.