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William: First Run

  1. William downloads and installs Firefox.
  2. On the first-run page he sees a video called "Getting started with Firefox" which he watches.
  3. At the end of the video (and next to the video) he sees a link to learn more about using Firefox.
  4. William clicks that link and is taken to the "Learn more about Firefox" category page on SUMO.
  5. There, William can choose from several more featured video tutorials and highlighted articles.
  6. William bookmarks this page and over the next few weeks he returns to watch more videos and read articles.

William: Related Article

  1. While browsing the Learning about Firefox category page, Willam learns about Out of process plugins.
  2. While reading that article he see's the Mozilla plugin checker promoted as a featured related item.
  3. William clicks though to the plugin checker is surprised to see that his Flash player is already out of date.
  4. He thinks the plugin checker is pretty useful so he grabs the url and shares it on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Finally, William goes and updates his flash plugin.

See also the separate, relevant spec: PostCrash.

William: Blogging and sharing

  1. In addition to sharing the link to the plugin checker, William wants to blog about the out of process plugins feature.
  2. William notices that there is embed code for both the video and the article.
  3. He's surprised to see embed code for an article so he reads the help about that.
  4. Then he pastes the embed code in his blog.
  5. In the future when the article is updated, the version on his blog will get automatically updated (like google wave).

William: Add-on Crash

  1. Firefox crashes while syncing info so William restarts it.
  2. As Firefox restarts it is unable to find any relevant information based on his crash signature so he gets the "this is embarrassing" page with a list of the add-ons he's running and their troubleshooting pages on SUMO. (See also - PostCrash)
  3. Since William suspects that there was a problem with Firefox Sync he clicks that link and gets help.