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Kitsune will have a system to reward good user behaviour to motivate people and induce healthy competition for the benefit of users. The system will span across the different parts of Kitsune (KB, Livechat, Forums) while having it's center on the users profile/dashboard. For this to be implemented we need support for Accounts, and implementation of user profile/dashboard and Groups (though private messaging is not required).

Development Roadmap


  • Reward good behavior to motivate helpers and induce healthy competition for the benefit of users
  • Give users an idea of the overall experience and specific areas of expertise of a helper
  • Give admins an overview of the most valuable contributors and which ones need more guidance


Points system

Different actions generate different amount of points. The actual points an action is worth may change over time, making it a requirement that the total score for all contributors can be recalculated. In other words, a cron job should be able to go through each previous action a contributor has done and re-apply the points to determine the contributor's overall score/level.

The point system is currently only used for forum contributions, since meassuring contributions for Live Chat and KB is much harder.

Since we don't want the point system (rather then helping people) become the center of attention, we won't show points anywhere on the page. Instead we will use points to determine the title.

Points for

  • [DONE] Posting an answer
  • [DONE] Having your answer selected as the 'solution'
  • [DONE] Having your post rated as helpful
  • Points for tagging
  • Disregard for now: [DONE] Being the first answer

Subtract point for

  • [DONE] User marks your answer unhelpful (weight supercontributor's ratings more heavily, eg when they rate, it counts for 100 votes.)
  • points for actions are multiplied with an exponential factor from 1 to 0.1. A fraction is subtracted from that factor per day since the point was acquired, the floor is reached with 6 month old contributions. A point accrued 6 month ago is multiplied with 0.1; a point accrued yesterday with 1.0
    • helpful votes are always weighted with the date of the item that is being rated (use same multiplier as above). This is to make sure that people who have been inactive for month don't lead the top contributors list, because their relies still get lots of upvotes.


Top contributors will be recognized in tiers. The ranking is depended on the context. In the forum it will show forum ranking, in the KB it will show KB ranking.

  • [DONE] Top 10 forum contributor
  • [DONE] Top 25 forum contributor
  • [ON TRACK] Rising star (Determined by new contributor who has had 3 solutions within their first week. Title expires in two months)

Tiers will be calculated daily and are not permanent once earned. You can lose this title if you're no longer in the top tier.


[DONE] If you have been promoted with special privileges, show that additionally, e.g.:

  • Forum Moderator
  • Administrator
  • Employee

Display of Karma

While the Karma system spans different components of Kitsune its display is customized to the respective environment.

Global view

The global views show a list of the top 25 contributors prominent in the forums. There are two lists:

  • One all time top contributor list with nicknames
  • If user is logged in, show leaderboard in context to their ranking. i.e. if they're #17, show range 15-10

Public profile view

(what others see when they click on your name)
User profiles include

  • Groups the user belongs to
  • avatar
  • personal info

In addition the Karma system adds:

  • Your Ranking
  • Your badges, including old Special badges P2

Dashboard view

(what you see if you look at your own profile)

Everything you see in the public profile view, plus:

  • Disregard for now: A progress bar indicating the path to next level
  • Disregard for now: Description/table of which actions give you points in the forum
    • This is the same for everyone
  • Metrics (eg. # of people helped total)

Information below Avatar - for other people's posts

  • Name: links to user profile
  • Rank (eg. top 10 contrib.): links to leaderboard
  • Title (eg. Mod.): links to group profile

Status: Currently we either display the rank or the title, we should show both. Also, the title and rank do not link anywhere yet.


  • Badges

Admin pages

The admin pages are about the way all of the Karma information is presented to the admins, so we can act upon that information. It should include:

  • [P2] a way to add/substract points from a contributor
    • i.e. a way to "tilt" an individual contributor's total score
  • Done: [P1] a way to change/override the title of a contributor
    • In case we want to give extra credit to an exceptional contributor
  • [P1] for metrics/P2 for web dev: a way to look at how a contributor got his points (probably a pie chart)
    • This is to identify what people are good at. The pie chart would say something like 20% of points from solved posts. 50% of points from answers
  • [P1] a list with the top 20 contributors last week, including information about added points since last week
    • The admin counterpart of the globale list, with points
  • [P1] for metrics team/P2 for web dev: a graph with contributions over time for the top 20 contributors
    • The top 20 contributors are the backbone of the forum. If we can see that someones contributions are going down, we can try tohelp early.
  • [P1] for metrics/P2 for web dev: a graph with top 20 up trending contributors
    • Since the top 20 contributors are heavy contributors and eclipse new contributors, we need to see the relative up trending contributors as well, so we can try to help them reach their full potential.

Information for webdev team


All UI bugs are being tracked in the Karma UI tracker

Schedule for implementation

  • The implementation of this project is on hold temporarily as we reevaluate it's value with our 2012 goals and our developer resources in mind.

Additional Feedback/Questions

  • Let locale leaders give points for localizers
  • Let Contributors send praise to other contributors to increase their Karma