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Here's where you'll find resources for most things related to the knowledge base. The knowledge base plays an important role in ensuring user success. The knowledge base reaches over a million users a day and serves as a resource for contributors who assist users through the support forums.

If you're a new contributor, you'll find resources on how to get started writing and improving articles. You can also stay up-to-date on upcoming changes to the knowledge base.


We're continually trying to improve the knowledge base. Here are some projects we're working on to make the knowledge base easier to use. If you see


Q3 (July - October)

  • Collapsible sections for articles (research)
  • Knowledge base dashboard revamp (research)
  • Update knowledge base contributor documents
  • Search enhancements
    • Search synonyms for non-English locales (research)
    • Instant search suggestions (research)

Q2 (May - June)

  • Search synonyms for English (complete)
  • Content audit (incomplete - postponed until knowledge base dashboard is complete)
  • Continue Australis article updates (complete)

Q1 (January - April)

  • Update top 100 Firefox desktop articles for Australis (complete)
  • Firefox OS information architecture (complete)

Wish List

  • Sidebar navigation redesign